You wouldn’t think that North Korea would be a big marketing draw in the United States, although a couple of North Korean style eateries in K-town seem to be doing just fine, using images of Kim Jong Ill AKA “Dear Leader” to create a certain atmosphere. The Pyongyang Express is the city’s latest fusion taco truck, blending North Korean specialties and iconography with tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Perhaps the truck’s owners are hoping to capitalize on North Korea’s World Cup entry (even though the DRPK hasn’t actually purchased an authorized World Cup broadcasting license). Below is an interview with the truck’s official mouthpiece, Sun-Hee Kim. The truck promises subsidized food in the true spirit of the North.

UPDATE: Noted in the comments, it’s E3 (videogame conference) in downtown LA. One of the games being marketed is Homefront, which is about North Korea invading America. Given the over the top marketing and graphics, it’s quite possible this truck is part of a viral marketing campaign.

Who is the owner of the truck?
Pyongyang Express owns North Korean BBQ company. North Korean food is not new to Koreatown, but this is the first truck and best North Korean BBQ.

Can you explain a little more about how the food is subsidized?
The cost of food is cheaper than many BBQ truck because we just care about people eating. Not money. Just like DPRK provide foods and doctor to my country people, we will show Los Angeles great welcome to our Pyongyang Express BBQ truck.

What are some differences between North and South Korean food?
North Korean people take much honor and care in every ingredient use in recipe. Unlike very fast, tasteless food. Pyongyang BBQ cater gourmet food and should not be considered street food.

Is the truck infused with the spirit of Juche? How does this come out in the truck?
North Korean peoples believe Juche is the guide to life! It has make us come to LA and open Pyongyang BBQ. We have infused Juche not only in our foods and picture on truck, but we will revolutionize North Korean way of life to people here.

Are you concerned by the problems between the Government of the USA and of North Korea and how it will impact the business?
Pyongyang Express do not care about silly politics here, we want to build a better America. We want to show great North Korean BBQ to everyone who wants to eat good foods. People do not care about politics when they see and taste the BBQ at very cheap cost.