Taco Madness 2015: Let the Madness Begin


Welcome L.A. Taco lovers, it’s that time of year again, when we band together as a community and argue passionately over what is our city’s best taco. This year we’ve shaken things up a little bit, let us walk you through the basic changes.

Update 4-9-2015
We have a winner! Congratulations to Guerrilla Tacos in their first Taco Madness victory. It was incredibly close, and clearly both spots were deserving of victory. Both will be at our event on April 19th!

Update 4-3-2015
Our Taco Madness Party at Villain’s Tavern is ON. April 19th is the new date. Get Tickets now! There will be tacos, DJs, live art, and surprises!


A Beginner’s Guide to Offal Tacos by The Offalo ~ Part Three


We’ve long admired the food writing and reviews of “The Offalo,” an Angeleño who loves food and especially cuts of meat that others may be unfamiliar with. We asked him if he would be interested in exploring the offal side of our city’s taco scene, and he jumped directly into the job, as you can read below. We hope this guide will help the uninitiated be bold and try some delicious tacos they ordinarily wouldn’t have ordered, while also guiding those who do walk on the offal side some suggestions for where to get their fix….

Missed Part One? or Part Two?

A Beginner’s Guide to Offal Tacos: Part Three, Variety

Now that we’ve covered beef and pork, the two more popular animals on taco menus, we can begin to tackle some other animals. Of course, I can’t hope to cover every edible part from every kind of animal, but here are some popular and delicious variety meats I’ve come across here in Los Angeles.

Borrego, or lamb, is used in many Mexican dishes such as birria, a stew often made with either goat or lamb, and barbacoa, whole lamb traditionally slow-cooked in the ground, similar to Hawaiian pig roast. It is in this latter preparation that we’ll find offal tacos:


Preview: Patrick Martinez’ “Forbidden Fruit” ~ opens April 11th


Somewhere in a warehouse East of downtown, Patrick Martinez conjures the soul of Los Angeles and extrudes neon, junk food packaging, weaponry, and other everyday items. His ceramic works include garish objects of (average) desire that have been flipped into something both alluring and repulsive. Supermarket-style fruit becomes almost pornographic, junk food is reimagined into something even more absurd than it already is, and weapons are both glorified and made common.

Martinez has long been fascinated with consumer products, and even staged one of the best installations of recent memory inside a Tapatio market a couple of years ago, where his neon signs created absurdities among what could be considered even more absurd– standard supermarket tableaus of advertising mixed with foodstuffs.

This show seems to take the concept a bit further, as if to say that life is absurd, the things that fascinate us are ridiculous, but they’re also a part of who we are. Martinez shows us that the line between what is considered normal and what is considered outré is just a matter of packaging. A perfect example would be his Honeybear-Old English mashup, which makes you remember that the kid getting breakfast in the morning and the dude on the corner with a 40 in a bag in the evening are the same person. The window to the Los Angeles soul may have bars on it, but it’s lit by neon and what’s inside has no boundaries.

Keep reading for a show preview and for the official press release…


SAND ONE Presents “The Bottle Issue” Charity Event in DTLA

carbonacion (1)

One thing I like better than beer is a great cause. Come out and support an incredible one on Thursday, April 9 at Ebano’s Crossing (http://www.ebanoscrossing.com) during the Downtown LA Art Walk with the one-and-only SAND ONE (www.sandoner.com).

“All Involved” a novel by Ryan Gattis


ALL INVOLVED the gritty, deeply authentic new book from Ryan Gattis, is the first major American novel to paint a fully-realized portrait of Los Angeles under siege during the six days in 1992 when violence erupted in the wake of the Rodney King verdict. An uncompromising, kaleidoscopic vision of the turmoil, told through the voices of disparate, finely-drawn characters, this “symphonic, pitch-perfect, superlative novel” (David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas) pulsates with high velocity urban tension.

Your Guide to the Do Lab at Coachella 2015


The Do Lab, for the uninitiated, is a semi-autonomous region of Coachella where freaks can get freaky, where genre is meaningless, and where bass will be dropped, repeatedly, without pause. Coachella as a festival has added a lot through the years, including expanded VIP areas, gourmet food and drinks, cell reception and WiFi, and thousands of other things, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the Do Lab. With deep roots in Los Angeles, the Do Lab is a local treasure that is also responsible for other events, and festivals like Lightning in a Bottle. Above you can see the lineup for both weekends of Coachella, and below are our picks for each weekend.


RIP TEEN ANGEL ~ By Richard Castor


Artist Richard Castor is one of the successors of TEEN ANGEL, and is the art director of TEEN ANGELS magazine. Teen Angel died last weekend, here please find Richard’s obituary and tribute to his friend and mentor.

This past weekend a friend and I were in Arizona selling T-shirts and TEEN ANGELS MAGAZINES. About 2 years ago, I began building and working on the magazine along with the sons of TEEN ANGEL. We had a successful weekend promoting to youngsters, and making veteranos reminisce about the good old days they spent with the magazine. People became followers once again, or for the first time. The hard work was paying off. At the end of the weekend, we received the News that TEEN ANGEL, the founder of the magazine had passed on. Many close to him knew he was in his last days, but the news still came much too soon.

TEEN ANGEL was a legend. An artist and pioneer, and founder of TEEN ANGELS MAGAZINE. Many are unaware of the impact and influence this one man had in the lowrider and the kustom communities, not to mention the people of the Varrios across the Southwest. His influence today has even stretched out to parts of the East coast, Japan and Europe.


L.A. TACO has featured graffiti artist HUFR One and his work in the streets of Los Angeles for close to four years now. This latest video showcases some works by HUFR in the back alleys on Fairfax and under the 6th Street bridge in downtown Los Angeles. Visual artist Matt Genesis pulls back the curtain and gives graffiti fans a glimpse at what drives HUFR’s life and art. With a run of video collaborations with various visual creatives such as AC in CA (Midnight Oil) and Landon Taylor (Obsessed), HUFER’s distinct style has been showcased in creative and interesting ways.

Fucking Art Show: Art by Baka & Friends ~ April 4th


Find Calder Greenwood’s Hidden Sculpture in Elysian Park


We love artists who use their powers to make Los Angeles a better and more magical place. One such artist is Calder Greenwood, who you know from his cool, totally random paper mache installations around town, and his collaborations with Wildlife such as the spider hanging from the 6th street bridge.

His latest is a secret sculpture that is hidden in “Elysian Forest,” not far from “Dodger Castle”. It celebrates the epic 80’s Arcade Game Gauntlet. If you’re too young to remember Atari’s Guantlet, it was one of the best arcade games of its time, with up to 4 players playing at the same time using one of four characters (barbarian, valkyrie, wizard, and an elf) which have now been immortalized by Calder Greenwood in paper mache in a secret location.

Want to find it??? Use the map below! If you’re not Christian, this would make a fine substitute for an Easter Egg hunt this weekend…

Interview with Artist Scom RK

scom pico - western yard 12-14

In the past two years SCOM RK has been placing his characters in high traffic areas for the people of Los Angeles to view. With a specific style that blends his unique characters into graffiti productions, billboard & bench ads, SCOM has found a niche that melds graffiti and street art. L.A. TACO’s own Erwin Recinos was able to interview SCOM and get some insight into his art.

What crews do you rep?


What’s the story behind the name SCOM?

It stands for Society Creates Only Monsters. I came up with that because I used to write odd / obnoxious phrases on walls. For instance I would write on an elementary school, “here at ___ school, we like to brain wash your kids and make them feel like idiots”. Or, “Jesus is not the only person who loves you, Lucifer does too..,” on a church. So I found myself writing “Society Creates Monsters” more and more often on things, but it wasn’t until my friend told me that I should shorten it into an acronym and write an actual name – “because you’re confusing people out there.” [laughs] So I added the Only and that’s the story behind Scom. Why I started painting… that’s a whole different story.