Cruising on Hollywood Boulevard


Photo by Tom Andrews.

Frog Town Art Walk ~ September 13th

140907_Frogtown Art Walk_MAP

This weekend it’s the 9th annual Frogtown Artwalk. Take a pedi-cab, park in one of the many lots or walk, skate or bike and see it all… there will be art, music, and tacos. See the map below for transport options, and visit for more info.

September 13, 2014 4pm-10pm


Hueman x Cults ~ Culver City


Hueman x Cults mural in Culver City.  For more street art and graffiti pics visit losangelesstreetart or follow @locoliinda on instragram.

Check out Human’s brand new 1XRUN print release (Image and link below)


Risky Vision ~ Tonight in Echo Park


Risky Vision will be upstairs at The Echo Tonight September 5th w/ Benedek (Live), Sage Caswell, and Cooper Saver b2b Magic Touch. All four are fast rising house/techno talents who happen to call Los Angeles home. You can tell your friends you saw them way back when if you go tonight…

It’s free before 10:30, $5 after w/ RSVP via Restless Nites:

FB Event:


Photos: The Wild and Delicious Food of the Los Angeles County Fair 2014

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Ramen Burgers

The L.A. County Fair is on now through September 28th. Our events editor Erwin Recinos filed this report on his picks from the proudly over-the-top food you can try this year.


Preview: “Almost Neighbors” Group Photography Show ~ Opens Tonight in Hollywood

TJ Tambellini

Hollywood’s Know Where Bar presents “Almost Neighbors”, a group photo show bringing together a diverse group of twelve Los Angeles photographers who initially met each other through sharing their work online, and who are now coming together to meet and exhibit their work in the physical world.

Interview with Christoph Gielen, Creator of Ciphers: Decoding the Growth Machine


Artist Christoph Gielen has created a work of art that we consider to be both beautiful, terrifying, and hugely important. The book Ciphers: Decoding the Growth Machine collects his photographic aerial studies of infrastructure in its relation to land use in the United States. The fascinatingly abstract images reveal society of immense technological prowess but with little understanding of its own environment, or way humans want or need to live in the 21st century. While his images span the entire country, we were especially struck by his beautiful images of Southern California freeways, as the invoke the complex and problematic relationship we have to our car-obsessed city and culture. We reached Gielen by email to discuss sprawl, his techniques, goals, and equipment, and of course his favorite taco spot…

Your images can appear as abstractions, but in many ways they are the opposite of that as they are specific locations. The developments are”planned” and “cookie-cutter” but also precise places on earth. Have you come to notice distinct regional characteristics?
Variances in neighborhood planning commonly show along socio-economic lines – but less so regionally. Most anywhere, places with sprawl tend to express themselves as clusters of single-use family homes, and always a car-ride dependent distance away from everywhere. Their architectural expression is one of predictable standardization that we’re all familiar with.

Talking about sprawl isn’t new – but I hope my method for addressing it is.

At best, I feel that with Ciphers I can awaken a yearning for an ecological symbiosis between nature, society, and the built form. Discussing this topic is relevant, now – I could point to any number of wake-up calls, but would like to mention the recent rebuilding efforts in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath in particular.


In Progress: Huge New Mural from Faith47 in South Park ~ Downtown Los Angeles


International muralist Faith47 is in town, thanks to Do Art Foundation and the South Park BID. Her mural is entitled “The Preciousness of the Hunt” and is currently underway in the South Park community in Downtown Los Angeles. According to the press release (full release below), the work is “set to celebrate and commemorate the revitalization of the neighborhood, and positively reflect on the future of this area.”


Introducing MCAL Clothing Brand

L.A. Taco Contributor Anthony Godinez just sent us this video to announce the launch of his clothing brand, MCAL (MUSIC. CULTURE. ART. LIFE.)

Check out the video and look them up on Instagram: @MCAL_BRAND

Surfers Shoot the Malibu Pier (Two Videos)

The above drone video shows surfer Allen Sarlo “shooting the pier” at Malibu the other day. Shooting the pier is a classic California surfing maneuver meaning to go between the pilings and not fall off (or die, see below). Back in the early days of California surfing in the 1950s and 1960s it was what could set you apart from the rest of the gang and get all the beach bunnies riled up. From a Malibu Patch article from a few years back that mentions Sarlo shooting the pier during the last huge Malibu swell:

Sarlo made it through the pier several times, approaching it at speed and looking for the gaps that hid broken pilings that could have killed him if he’d hit them. Sarlo shot the pier several times, made it through on all of them and even did a big reentry in the shorebreak— detonating in front of the parking lot.

Shooting the Malibu Pier is dangerous business. The pilings aren’t angled correctly, and you have to pick a wave that stays green as it moves through. Back in the late 1950s, an African-American surfer named Nick Gabaldon died when he hit the pier while trying to shoot it. The incident is mentioned in the 1957 novella Gidget.

Another angle from the beach when Laird Hamilton shot the pier.

Want to know more about Nick Gabaldon? Check out the clip below:

Trance Farmers Record Release Party ~ August 28th in Eagle Rock


Listen to the Trance Farmers: