The Art of Chaz Bojorquez (Video)

Robert Carpintero of The Chicano Art Project has created another beautiful slideshow, this time featuring the work of Chaz Bojorquez. Enjoy!

Gottfried Helnwein ~ Los Angeles


The following was just posted to artist Gottfried Helnwein’s Facebook page. It was news to us that he lived and worked partially in Los Angeles. The original caption simply reads: Gottfried Helnwein working at the studio. Los Angeles, 2014.


Go Dodgers ~ Boyle Heights


Go Dodgers by Repo.  For more street art and graffiti pics visit or follow @locoliinda on instragram.

Updated Skid Row Mural ~ Downtown Los Angeles


Update on the Skid Row mural we posted about earlier this year…

The name “Skid Row” is known to everyone in Los Angeles, but it does not appear on ANY official City of los Angeles map, street sign, or city documents. Earlier this year, Fire Station 9, which serves the area and is known as “the busiest fire station in the United States” was ordered to remove any Skid Row designations from their 5 fire trucks. In response they created a web-site and petition to restore the name to their vehicles:

The city prefers the name Central City East and would possibly like to pretend Skid Row, and what it represents, doesn’t really exist. Anyone who actually lives Downtown know it as Skid Row and knows where its basic borders lie.

Defining Skid Row is thus a challenge and an opportunity to those who live there or nearby. In 2006 a court case known as Jones Vs. the City of Los Angeles (case No. 04-55324) the borders of Skid Row were defined as Main St to the West, Alameda St. to the east, Third St to the North, and Seventh St to the South.


Prime opens Aug. 9th


Smog City Clothing & GCS Clothing presents the opening of PRIME, featuring the artwork of Los Angeles native Jose “Prime” Reza. Reza has been apart of the LA graffiti scene since 1985 and is making a leaps with his typographic artwork. This year alone Prime is the cover artist for famed LA Liber Amicorum (Getty Black Book), ESMOA’s Scratch exhibit featuring artist that contributed the Getty Black book. Saturday night at GCS Pomona will be a up close and personal look at this master calligrapher’s canvas work as well as a limited edition t-shirt and skate deck collaboration with Smog City Clothing.

Opening of “PRIME”
Galeria Con Safos
168 W. 3rd Street
Pomona, CA 91766



Chill babes, house plants, bongs and palm trees are some of what set the vibe of San Fernando Valley based painter Javier Ramirez‘s work. Ramirez who’s been behind a bunch of commercial stuff in L.A. sat down with me in his Reseda studio to show me what he’s prepping for a slew of things in the Fall. We talked about Mexico, the girls that got crushed on in the 90s, cursed tacos, and general desmadre in Reseda.


Street Gallery: The Newest Murals in Los Angeles


This past weekend I took a drive to see some of the latest murals that have been produced in Los Angeles. I want to be proactive and explore the city, instead of just scrolling pixels on my feed thru a cracked screen. Its not about being ahead of anyone else in the game,  it’s about getting out of my seat, eating some tacos and checking out new art work that’s around the corner. Here are a few pics of some of the works I went to check out. — Erwin Recinos


Benjamin Alexander – “Wild Ones” ~ Thursday In Hollywood


Strange Plants ~ A Peculiar and Beautiful New Book from Zio


Strange Plants, by LA-based Zio Baritaux, is a bizarre and mystical look into the world of plants and the art they inspire. The book features the work of 25 artists—from oozing paintings of rotting cacti to eerie, mesmeric photos of the leafy kudzu vine—and discusses the role plants play in the artists’ personal lives. The book has articles, interviews, and amazingly rendered images that erase distinctions between natural and supernatural.

“The artists in this book were challenged to think about their work in new ways and ruminate on their unique experiences with plants,” editor Zio Baritaux says. “I hope this book will inspire others, and challenge the way people look at both plants and art.”

Keep reading for preview images and more info. You can buy the book here but act quickly as it’s nearly sold out.


LAPD on Social Media: Selfies, Big Guns, and Live Coverage of Crime Scenes

LAPD Screen Shot 1

In 2011, I published a piece here on L.A. Taco calling out the LAPD and Homicide Detective Sal LaBarbera for using Twitter in I what I felt was an unprofessional style. The post set off a firestorm of criticism and praise of my stance, and started a conversation in the media about the proper use of social media by public employees. Since then, numerous law enforcement agencies and their officers have have adopted social media to stay better connected with communities and to give their perspective take on the news. You can literally look up the majority of departments on the big three social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As with anything else in today’s hyperconnected world, sometimes there’s such a thing as overly connected, and it leads to interesting results. Let’s review some recent postings…


Preview: DEVILS’ TOWN LA’s Dark History ~ Opens Aug 2 at Red Pipe Gallery


Devils’ Town is a group show that reflects Los Angeles’ dark past. A past which we think we know, but is often covered up and not exposed in meaningful ways that go beyond mere voyeurism into past misdeeds. This show hopes to bring some of the darkness, including racism and anarchy, into the light.

August 2-30, 2014, Red Pipe Gallery, 978 Chung King Road, Chinatown

Opening reception: August 2, 7pm to 11pm. The show runs through August 30, 2014.

Artists: Pablo Christi, Defer, Ricardo Estrada, Germs, Daniel González, Roberto Gutiérrez, Ed Gutter, Jason Hernandez, Krown 187, Krush, Jose Lopes, Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez, Kimberly Monique, Phowl, Prime, Chuey Quintanar, Carlos Torres, Tyson, Vyal