Recap: Mujeres de Punk at Space Forty-Two


Saturday November 8th was the 3rd annual Mujeres de Punk show held at Space Forty Two. Some of the artists on display were Abe Garcia, Gina Kuhn, Ronald Perez, Sharnae Caceres, Guillermo Millan and Cherene DijitalEach expressive piece on display was different and unique in it’s own way. The show also featured a musical showcase of bands Tozcos, Fumigados, Red Tape, and Atrako. Each band that was female dominant was brutal, loud and left your ears ringing.

Mujeres De Punk did not disappoint, and being that it was the 3rd installment of the ongoing series, the attendance was strong. The attendees seemed equally fascinated by the art and the music. Space Forty Two is fairly new to the Los Angeles art/music scene but so far they have been having some great events and the people involved are friendly and inviting.  Outside of the show several of the artists on display had tables full of zines, prints, tapes, records and patches. We’re looking forward to seeing this new space grow, and to the next installment of Mujeres De Punk. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to document the evening– follow the link for more photos.


Preview: Quam Odunsi “Distinction without a Difference” ~ Opens Nov. 20th at Design Matters

3-03-Distinction Without A Difference-000070020030

Design Matters is proud to present the third solo exhibition by Quam Odunsi, Distinction without a Difference.

Distinction without a Difference is a type of logical fallacy where an author or speaker attempts to describe a distinction between two things, even though there is, in fact, no actual difference. It is particularly used when a word or phrase has connotations associated with it that one party to an argument prefers to avoid.


The L.A. Night Photography of Jim Lembeck


Jim Lembeck takes photos of Los Angeles at night, and posts them on his site as “YOU SEE LA”. The collection of images grows every night by just one shot, so check back nightly for new ones. Please enjoy a selection of our favorite images so far, along with the photographer’s description of his own work…


Run the Jewels Live in Concert #30DaysinLA


It seemingly came out of nowhere, but RUN THE JEWELS is one of the best hip hop projects of the last couple of years. After two critically acclaimed albums, RTJ now have enough songs to back that up with a live show that translates EL-P’s heavy beats and his and Killer Mike’s tenacious raps into something both fun and powerful. The list of all-time great hip hop duos is actually pretty long, when you consider everyone from OutKast to EPMD to Mobb Deep to Black Star, but seeing EL-P and Killer Mike live last Thursday in Los Angeles, it seems they deserve a place somewhere on the list.


Q&A with Randy Wyner, Founder of Chronic Tacos

Randy Wyner

In our long-running quest to give you, our dear readers, insight into the grand pageant that is the taco lifestyle, we seek out individuals who can teach us about their business success in the taco game. One such person is Randy Wyner. At age 26 he founded Chronic Tacos, which now has 30 locations in North America, with a plan to get to 100. He has brought the taco lifestyle to Canada in a big way, with several locations in British Columbia. Let’s chat with Randy about what makes a great taco and what the taco life means to him…

What’s your all-time favorite taco that isn’t served at Chronic Tacos?
I’ve had some amazing Lobster tacos in Mexico.

What do you order at Chronic Tacos?
I always order the beer-battered fish taco, Baja style and the Al Pastor taco with a side of rice and beans.


El Tacoache Solitario ~ East Los Angeles


This East L.A. Taco Trailer has a Beef Birria Taco You Need To Try This Weekend…

Arnulfo Guerrero has a wicked, if not under-appreciated, sense of humor. He named his truck the “lonely possum” even though he came from a huge family which he says reminds him of possum families. He says his tacos are $0.75 “just because”. He is also the man who has been stewing and chopping taco meats in a random corner of East Los Angeles for nearly 18 years. I say nearly because Guerrero simply can not recall whether he has hustled tacos for 17 or 18 years. It seems the origin is no longer important at the moment– Arnulfo, his wife, and his daughter Yadira, are rushing a monstrous single order of 18 tacos at 1.A.M., when the crowd from the Latin club around the corner is exhausted from being drunk and ready to eat.


Recap: “All You Can Eat” from Sean Norvet


Stay Gallery hosted the opening of Sean Norvet‘s first solo show titled “All You Can Eat”.  We were able to get a peek inside of Norvet’s mind when we interviewed him last week, but he still managed to surpise and amaze the crowd with his fine artistry and craftsmanship.

The details that went into Norvet’s pieces were remarkable, each idea was full of inventiveness and executed perfectly. It was as if Norvet had a team of artists to complete the pieces, but Norvet did it all. From the giant oil paintings, to the lifelike taco plate (our favorite) and the life size sandwich shop, Norvet created a little world inside of Stay Gallery. A little world we highly suggest you check out. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to capture some of the evening. All You Can Eat is on display until the end of this month. Click the link below for more to eat.


Various Creative Four Launch Party ~ 11/14 in DTLA


This Friday it’s the LA launch party for Various Creative Four on November 14th. Various Created is a Portland based quarterly art and photography zine that launches each issue in a new city. We have had launches in Portland, New York and Chicago, and now L.A.


Video of the Day ~ Azizi Gibson – Smoking With The Gods

Finally the weed anthem we’ve been waiting for LA’s Azizi Gibson to make. The video features a loc’d out Buddha, turnt up Jesus, crazy-ass Zeus and Azizi getting high af.


HVW8 Gallery x Adidas Release New Shoes by Kevin Lyons and Jean André ~ Launch Party this Saturday


Celebrating fashion, sports, art, and commerce, adidas and LA’s HVW8 Gallery announce the release of new artwork on shoes from two design world stars: Kevin Lyons and Jean André.

On Saturday, November 15, HVW8 will kick off an international series of events celebrating the collabs with live appearances, ancillary art, a display of the new shoes from the two artists, and a special music guest.

Keep reading for the artists’ statements and a grip of preview images…



The Show Room


Curated by Kids in Reverse.

At the Standard in DTLA, Nov 13th.