Recap: Deadbeat Club’s “Mentally Retired” at Slow Culture ~ Highland Park


Friday, January 9th was the opening of Deadbeat Club’s “Mentally Retired” photography show at Slow Culture. Clint Woodside, the founder of Deadbeat Club, arranged the group show which  featured an eclectic group of photographs from Andrea Sonnenberg, Devin Briggs, Nolan Hall, Deanna Templeton, Cheryl Dunn, Grant Hatfield, Tobin Yelland, Ed Templeton and (of course) Clint Woodside. The opening featured an exclusive dj set by Atiba & Ako Jefferson, who brought the musical heat to match the photography. It all combined for one of Slow Culture’s biggest shows ever. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to capture the night… (Continued)

Recap ~ “Ruin Value” Group Art Show


“Ruin Value” group art show curated by Dan Regan and Nick Angelo opened on January 3rd at Astroetic Studios.  The collection of artwork featured several prominent Los Angeles based artists and focused on “life spans” represented through photography, installations, and illustrations.

After climbing over 17 spiraling flights of stairs, we reached the hauntingly beautiful entrance decorated with funeral-style flowers lit by candles. The immediate cohesiveness of the show’s presentation and artwork was both chilling and alluring. We especially enjoyed Spanto’s photography, Johnny Vampotna’s Neon Scythe (above), Rick Rodney‘s stark photographs, Adam Villacin’s light box, and illustrations done by Nick Angelo.

The packed event had a line spilling out of the door all night. Tons of people eagerly awaited for their chance to get inside the one night only event. We couldn’t help but circle the gallery numerous times to get a closer look at each peice brought together by Dan Regan and Nick Angelo. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to capture the evening. Select the “read more” link for a complete photo recap.


Photo Recap: Agenda January 2015 ~ Long Beach


Twice a year the Agenda Show in Long Beach brings together a wide variety of lifestyle fashion brands together to show off their wares to buyers, media, and the public. Everyone from the mainstays of the industry to tiny breakout brands are there. Please enjoy senior event editor Erwin Recinos’ favorites from this year’s show…


Recap: Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! at Lethal Amounts


Two weekends ago Lethal Amounts hosted another audacious art opening for Russ Meyer’s cult classic film “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”. The show was dedicated to all things Tura Satana. Each artist in the show displayed their artistic skills as they paid tribute to the classic film and actress. Patrons lined up and packed the gallery as Go Go Dancers took the stage and set a sensual badass mood that is “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” style.

Burlesque babe Kitten Natividad stole the show with her adorable yet filthy-minded antics. Lethal Amounts has been bringing some amazing shows to the Los Angeles area and this was no exception. We’re really looking forward to the next year of events shop owner Danny has up his sleeves. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to photograph the artwork and memorabilia.


Recap: Post-It Ten at GR2


Last Saturday was the 10th annual Post-It show at Giant Robot’s GR2. With over 300 artists on the bill, the much anticipated yearly event had buzz going for weeks as several legendary artists revealed previews of their tiny Post-It works of art. Sadly, we got there a little late but nonetheless there was still a hefty line and plenty of crazy Post-Its to check out. 10 Years in and there is still no shortage of amazing art being done on Post It Notes at one of Giant Robot’s signature events. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to capture some of the night. Follow the link for a gallery of images.


Recap: Comic Arts LA @ Think Tank Gallery


The first ever Comic Arts LA was held last Saturday at Think Tank Gallery. The one day only fest was aimed at promoting the appreciation of independent artists who make their own graphic novels, comics, books of photography or illustrations and many other mediums that help give Los Angeles a distinct art community.

CALA was organized by Jen Wang, Angie Wang, Iris Jong, and Jake Mumm, and were helped out by tons of volunteers who helped visitors navigate the packed event. Exhibitors included Beatrice The Biologist, Edie Fake, David Wolter, Sam King, Farel Dalrymple, Katherine Wirick, and Mark Todd. The event was a huge success, as hundreds of people flocked to Think Tank, and bought lots of books. What made the event even better was the fact that the exhibitors were willing to trade, and do drawings and signings in their books when requested. We’re definitely looking forward to CALA’s next event. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to capture the event. Keep reading for a full gallery of photos…


Video: ConquerLA Photography Meetup

Last month L.A. TACO’s Erwin Recinos documented a monthly photography meetup brought together through social media by a group called ConquerLA. With just over six thousand followers on Instagram, ConquerLA has built a network of young photographers that are creating on their own terms in Los Angeles. Check out the video and experience what it’s like to walk with a massive pack of shooters, partying in the streets, spinning wool and acting a fool. Check out ConquerLA on social media via Facebook, Twitter and IG to see when their next meetup will happen.

Recap: Bad Mood One Year Anniversary Party


Last weekend, Bad Mood Boutique celebrated one year in business with a group art show in the City of Long Beach. Shop Owner Amber Dominguez rounded up an interesting set of artists who were able to interpret the Bad Mood style into photos and artwork. Artists included Garrett McGurer, Joe Goblyn, Sifry Borrayo, Brian Hayashi, Paul Carrillo,  and Photographer Luixe. The show’s theme was centered around the photos that give Bad Mood their unique modern vintage image. Over the last year Amber Dominguez has built Bad Mood up to be one of Long Beach’s must-see stores. McGurer’s aka GRT MGR art pieces accentuated and illustrated vibrant fashion details into framed digital images. Brian Hayashi’s clever geometric mashups had people taking a closer look to identify the ancient hieroglyphic patterns. Watercolor illustrations done by Joe Goblyn created a dream-like look to the photos and gave the impression of a cool fall day. Photographer Luixe’s works commanded your eyes to see the delicate ambient light sources used to warmly light the vintage looks put together with original pieces from the Bad Mood Collection. The photos were so finely executed you thought you were looking back into the 70’s. The party was a hit, the dj was hot and the drinks were cold. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to celebrate and document the evening click the link for more photos of the art, the crowd, and the vibes…


Photos: Chance The Rapper & Azizi Gibson Live in Los Angeles for #30DaysinLa

30DaysinLA (9 of 11)


Recap: adidas Originals ~ #ZXFlux Experience in LA


Last Saturday, adidas Originals brought YG, Nipsey Hussle, Hit Boy, Audio Push, BJ The Chicago Kid, Thurz, R.J. and Raven Felix to the Well in Downtown Los Angeles for the #ZXFlux Experience. The crowd included everyone from ANWAR CARROTS to DEAKSKII to SKRILLEX, with a cross section of LA’s sneaker, artist, and hip-hop communities representing their corner of L.A. You could get custom #ZXFlux shoes made with an ipad app, which many people took advantage of, especially the LA-centric Lakers and Clippers colorways. One phrase rang out through the night… “Respect the West!”

Please enjoy this gallery of photos from the event. Photo Credit: Azul “213” Amaral // IG: @azul213


Recap: Scumnasty Strikes Back ~ Stone Malone Gallery

Scumnasty (1 of 11)

“Scumnasty Strikes Back” is the latest show at Stone Malone Gallery featuring the work of the artist Cristian “SMEAR” Gheorghiu. Smear has been featured in numerous group and solo shows throughout Los Angeles, and we’ve watched his style grow and evolve through the years. His distinct style of painting and unique approach to life is on display in the video “Smear: My SoCal Art History” on Youtube. Check it out at the end of this post, and dive more into what has inspired Smear as an artist and person.