Video: Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Burger ~ One Night Only

Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos is universally considered among the best tacos in Los Angeles, if not the world. What happens when Wes decides to do a burger for one night only in a secret location? This is Los Angeles, so nothing should surprise you…

The Guerrilla Burger Recipe:

Recap: ABCNT Pop Up ~ Melrose


For the last two weeks, artist ABCNT hosted a pop-up shop (his first) featuring rare and unique items. The whole thing kicked off with a party featuring live screen printing from Hit + Run, and was attended by most of the city’s bastions of street art. If you missed it, there will reportedly be more to come…


Recap: “Legends Never Die” a Tribute to Teen Angel

This last Saturday night in Highland Park, shop Mi Vida hosted the “Legends Never Die” Teen Angel tribute art show. As we drove down York Blvd towards the shop, we quickly began to see the huge crowd gathered outside the venue. Beautiful Low Riders and classic cars were laying it low on the pavement as their presence graced York Boulevard, and made it feel we stepped back into the 50’s.


Recap: Boo Hooray’s “Religious Observance”


This past Thursday night was the opening of Boo Hooray’s “Religious Observance”. The small, house-like gallery featured photography from Ray Potes, Andrea Sonnenberg, Jerry Hsu, C.R. Stecyk III and Tobin Yelland. Sonnenberg’s photos of Detroit gave you a closer look that you wouldn’t be able to get without actually going to visit the city, and perhaps not even then. Ray Potes’ set of photographs painted the perfect picture of a crazy ass weekend in the Bay area. Potes’ photos are un-boring in the extreme, and make you laugh and wonder how he gets to see so many interesting things. Jerry Hsu’s photographs had the feeling of a trip far from home where life exists on the back of a moped, going place to place without a destination.  Each section of photographs on display were unique and full of life, whether it be a dark moment or a bright unforgettable one. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there for the opening view the gallery for a full photo recap.


Recap: 4th Annual L.A. Zine Fest


Last Sunday was the 4th annual L.A. Zine Fest. The one-day-only event was very well attended, with people streaming in and out of the event site all day long. Interesting outfits and dyed hair was in abundance as were zines in every permutation imaginable. Some of our favorite tables were Freeways Collide, Adam Villacin, and Sleep Talk Press. The great people over at Influenza were on the scene, passing out hand stamped fliers to promote the 1st ever Long Beach Zine Fest.

A truly great thing about the LAZF is that it really promotes the D.I.Y. movement, and has helped inspire more and more people to create their own work and do their own thing. Within the last four years the LAZF has gained a huge following, as the event connects people from all over the world. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to support and document this very cool event that happened on a very hot February day. (Continued)

Recap: “Multiple Truths” Photographs by Chrissy Piper and Martin Sorrondeguy


“Mulitple Truths” opened this last Saturday at the Super Chief Gallery in Los Angeles. There was a big turnout, as both of the photographers on display have had big followings for a long time. As we approached the Super Chief Gallery our eyes were instantly drawn to the giant enlargements done by both Chrissy Piper and Martin Sorrondeguy. Some of their photos were also wheatpasted in various areas including the front of the Gallery. Piper and Sororondeguy’s black and white photography take you on a journey with them, as they record unforgettable moments of out of the ordinary faces and scenes. The  honesty and integrity of both photographers work brings true realism to their documentary approach.

The Super Chief Gallery dj was playing hit after hit and even threw in some Hombres G towards the end to leave the evening on a happy note. L.A. Taco’s Desilu Muñoz and Erwin Recinos stopped by to view the art and document the night. Follow the link for a full photo recap from both Muñoz and Recinos. (Continued)

Recap: Pandora Grammy After Party ~ Hollywood

The PANDORA GRAMMY After Party Featuring Lil Jon Brought To You By TMobile

The PANDORA GRAMMY After Party Featuring Lil Jon was going off last weekend. Celebs, VIPs, beautiful people, and a couple of LA TACO crew members got down at Create Nightclub in Hollywood… All Photos by Jerod Harris/Getty Images.


Photo Recap: We Out Here / #Red2015 ~ The Seventh Letter

Norm2Shae (9 of 17)

Please enjoy these photos of the opening party of We Out Here / #Red2015, an art show featuring NORM and 2SHAE at The Seventh Letter Flagship Store on Fairfax.


Photo Recap: LA Art Book Fair ~ MOCA

LAABF (18 of 18)

Check out some of our favorite finds at Printed Matter’s LA ART BOOK FAIR 2015…


Photo Recap: Five Art Openings in Los Angeles ~ January 2015


Join photographer Erwin Recinos as he wends his way through evening art openings in the month of January. This edition shows of the breadth and diversity of art events in Los Angeles, and brings us photo recaps of shows from Carlos Ponce & Raggedy Tiff, music photographers in the SGV, major photographers at Photo LA, graffiti in a gallery on Los Feliz, local arts, crafts, and food in Gardena, and the photography of Art Meza & Luis Favela at Homeboy Industries.


Recap: Deadbeat Club’s “Mentally Retired” at Slow Culture ~ Highland Park


Friday, January 9th was the opening of Deadbeat Club’s “Mentally Retired” photography show at Slow Culture. Clint Woodside, the founder of Deadbeat Club, arranged the group show which  featured an eclectic group of photographs from Andrea Sonnenberg, Devin Briggs, Nolan Hall, Deanna Templeton, Cheryl Dunn, Grant Hatfield, Tobin Yelland, Ed Templeton and (of course) Clint Woodside. The opening featured an exclusive dj set by Atiba & Ako Jefferson, who brought the musical heat to match the photography. It all combined for one of Slow Culture’s biggest shows ever. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to capture the night… (Continued)