Having wrapped up TACO MADNESS 2016, I give you ART MADNESS for the month of March. Four events LA TACO had the privilege of covering for our readers. Allow us to take you through the city of Angels like no other website, as our long-time event photographer Erwin Recinos shares his perspective of the L.A. art scene.


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The Art of All Involved ~ Beverly Hills

Ryan Gattis invited LA TACO to attend a reading of his book All Involved which is now available in paperback (click here). On this night Gattis read an excerpt from his book to the audience, and also hosted a gallery of art work that accompanied the book by his compatriots in the art collective UGLARWorks . The visual artists showcasing on this night were: Chuey Quintanara, Chaz Borjorquez, Steve Martinez, Evan Ekrederstu, Christopher D. Brand and Espi. All Involved is an Alex Award Winner which is given to only 10 books a year that have special appeal to young adults. So if you’ve thought about acquiring this piece of literature, now is the time to get that paperback copy.

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All Visuals LA ~ Los Angeles

Los Angeles has seen its fair share of photography meet ups. These events have even made our local news channels because sometimes they can get out of hand. Some you read about via social media, and others are created from personal text messages… at least that’s what I hear.

All Visuals LA was put together by some influential LA creatives that are tapping the pulse of the current state of photography in Los Angeles. I was able to make this particular meet and see the weaving of cultures. From car culture, to graffiti to photography, all blended together to make an interesting mix that is yet to be labeled. You see the crowds move in herds. You see boxes flashing with music blaring from a portable DJ pumping hip-hop music from custom shopping cart. You see young women with impromptu wardrobe changes for their next close-up. It is definitely an event you need to see for yourself– it’s a way to see personalities and personas beyond the timeline.

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Street Aesthetics: Compound Gallery ~ San Pedro

The South Bay of Los Angeles is new ground for the up-and-coming art scene. Compound Gallery in San Pedro made its debut this past March with Street Aesthetic, a group art show with young and hungry artists. It was a refreshing scene of young faces excited to show their talents in a setting with their peers. Photography, oil paintings, and pen & ink drawings graced the walls of this office space turned gallery. Compound is bringing a young art community to the forefront and giving it an opportunity to thrive.

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Hollywood: Art of Elysium ~ Koreatown

Reserve Result aka Quam Odunsi is a LA TACO staple. His unique Los Angeles perspective has graced our website regularly with verve and élan. This event was no different, as Quam teamed up with Art of Elysium, a nonprofit that matches artists with critically ill children. An apartment high in the Koreatown sky was host to an intriguing night, as  folks bought up piece after piece of Odunsi’s work. Yet another great night in the city of Los Angeles…

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