It’s not every day at Resident Advisor’s label of the year (2016) does a showcase in Los Angeles, but that’s exactly what will happen on Thursday February 9th, and Saturday February 11th. On those nights only, the ethereal Weimar collective Geigling presents the L.A. edition of Planet Giegling. The experience involves a live concert + gallery showing,and 15+ hr club day/night.



⁜ DJ Dustin
⁜ Edward
⁜ Kettenkarussell 
⁜ Konstantin
⁜ Leafar Legov 
⁜ Vril

⁜ At 2 unique spaces for a powerful collective.
⁜ Light-Object-Ensemble custom lighting system.
⁜ RSVP or Presale absolutely required.
⁜ Tasty food & coffee options!

“For us, Giegling is the belief that we are better together than as individuals,” the collective says. “It is the shared conviction that the work we do and the art we create will be more meaningful, more impactful and longer-lasting if it’s the sum of us rather than a collection of single works.”