POW Recordings is a grassroots record label that grew out of music writer Jeff Weiss’ influential Passion of the Weiss blog. The label was founded in Los Angeles this year and has made people around the world pay attention with a mixture of homegrown talent like Inglewood native Natia the God and UCLA-grad Jordan Raf, and underground future stars like Florida-based rapper Chester Watson.

POW seems to mirror the tastes of its founder and his team, which is to say eclectic but with a guiding principal– all of these artists move music forward. There isn’t a copycat or derivative sound on the roster. A new signing is LA’s Pioneer 11, who make trippy space rock with a beat, situated somewhere in the same solar system as planet Jaar.

All of the aforementioned artists, along with super secret special guests, will play a showcase on December 13th at the Echo. Want to go for free? Join our mailing list and then send us an email to info@lataco.com, or leave a comment below and let us know what’s up.

Don’t want to wait? Tickets are only $8 and available right here.