Opening tonight Eastern Projects presents “Americus Taco” a collection of recent and current work from Los Angeles based artist John M. Valadez. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Valadez’s work captures a side of the City of Angels that can only be known and seen from living here your entire life. Every city has its culture, and Valadez’s work invokes the spirit of the streets which can be lost over years due to development and changes. Huge expanses of canvas grace the walls of Eastern Projects that command your attention to the details and broad brush strokes used. Almost like a religious experience, Valadez’s work leaves you dumbfounded and asking for more. The artist depicts images from a dream, using urban realism to further translate the ideas within his mind. Some of the most subtle, yet striking images can be seen in this work.

The opening is May 12th, from 6-10pm, at Eastern Projects, located at 900 N Broadway #1090, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Accompanying the paintings are some of Valadez’s personal street photography which spans from the late 70’s to 80’s. We were told some of the portraits were actually taken on and within Broadway. Taken to use as references for painting, each portrait was so unique and real that they made you feel as if you were really looking through Valadez’s eyes in that time. As some are never before seen or shown in a gallery, you can only imagine the surprise and delight it was to see such amazing film photography. The entire show will be on display starting tonight in Chinatown’s most prominent new gallery space, Eastern Projects located on the corner of Broadway and College.