Cache and AiseBorn are two of the most prolific graffiti muralists working in Los Angeles today. Caches iconic chickens are among the most popular characters on the streets, and AiseBorns intricate patterns and realistic portraits dazzle commuters and community members from Mid City to East Los Angeles.

Their styles are completely different, but the two artists are friends and collaborators, and today announce a new show entitled Synthesis, which opens this weekend at Tonalli Studio in East Los Angeles. This is the first time Cache and AiseBorn have created work together for a gallery show, with previous collaborations existing exclusively on city walls. In the words of Cache, “When we come together, we influence each other in unexpected ways. AiseBorn’s work pushes me to flex my other styles; playing with futuristic linear forms and light and shadows.”

Take a look at their previous work together below. The show runs through Jan. 6, and you can get more info on the Facebook Event Page.

4539 East Cesar E. Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90022