Gil Veni Vici is a designer, model, and artist from the city of El Sereno. He recently collaborated with 17 photographers including Estevan Oriol, Spanto, Adri Law, and Steve Olson to illuminate the visual culture of his neighborhood roots. The show is called East Side Story and it opened at HVW8 Gallery last week. We wanted to learn more, so we hit Gil with a little Q&A which you can read below, along with images from the opening of his show…

What’s your favorite taco?
My favorite place to get a taco is in my hometown, El Sereno. Street vendors…

How do you think the culture of East LA has impacted the world?
We impact the world though different stuff like low riders, Mexican restaurants, movies based on East Los Angeles.


Where do you go when you seek peace and quiet?
I don’t seek peace and quiet, I grew up in El Sereno.

What is the concept of East Side Story?
I wanted to represent for my culture and the city of Los Angles to hopefully take myself to the next level.

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?
My family and friends.

When and where were you most happy?
I’m always very happy and thankful God gave me the opportunity to do this with my life.


Do you have a lucky number?

Who are some of the inspirational figures in your life?
NEEK (anti social social club).


What should they play at your funeral?
Don’t play weird shit. Classic music, that’s here forever.

Got any shoutouts?

East Side Story Opening Night Gallery

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Photos by Eric Minh Swenson