Rare Dodgers Hats For The New Season

The Dodgers had their home opener last week and many of the die-hards have already been to the stadium multiple times this season. But for those of you planning your first trip, or those who want to have their heads decorated with an unusual and rare Dodger cap when you finally get to a game, here is your roundup of unique, v. rare headgear available right now on Ebay and other sites…

Vintage L.A. Dodgers H. Nomo Hat

Our younger readers may not remember Nomomania, but it was real and Hideo was a legitimate Dodger Ace. This cap recaptures that era in all its 90’s glory. In Nomo’s first year in the United States, 1995, he lead the lead in K/9, and went on to pitch well for the Dodgers for a total of six seasons, amid stops at other clubs. This hat has the block letters you’d expect from a 90’s hat, and it’s sure to spark a conversation inside the stadium. Buy here.

1981 World Series pillbox hat snapback

This hat is in poor condition and is $39.99, but if you wear it people will think it was passed down from your grandfather and you should keep that lie going. In the legendary early-80’s pillbox style made famous by the Pittsburgh Pirates, this lid stands out among vintage Dodgers hats and is certifiably rare. Buy Here.


1950’s LA DODGERS Straw MLB BASEBALL Womens Straw Hat

If you look at photos of Dodger Stadium in the 1950’s and 1960’s, you’ll see more people wearing straw hats than baseball caps. Baseball caps didn’t become a thing for fans to wear until later, and people used to wear straw hats or fedora type hats to keep the sun of them. This remarakably vintage straw ladies hat has the following description on eBay:

Very clean condition, late 1950’s straw womens sun hat from the MLB L.A.Dodgers. Adult size, cotton chin tie, original satin ribbon with applied felt graphics of the great players of the time, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Maury Willis, T.Davis and Johnny Podres. Made in Japan, free of stains and odors, some light fading.

It’s $125, and available here.

Space Scene Dodgers Hat

We’re always on the lookout for the ugliest possible Dodgers hats, and this is the ugliest we’ve seen in a long time. Sold on a site called CheapSnapBacks.US.com, we assume these are all fake and not official hats because all of them are around $9.95 and most of them are weird. There are some pretty decent hats on this site though as well, if you want to go cheap. Buy Here.

SUPREME LA Dodgers Checkered Supreme Fitted Hat Cap 7 1/2

If you are a hype beast, a Dodgers fan, and have a 7 1/2″ hat size, this may be the cap for you. It has nothing to do with the Dodgers, but is sold as such on eBay, and could definitely work at a Dodgers game. It’s $60 on eBay here.

Dodgers Fitted California Flag Patch Hat

This should be available more places, but we can only find it on a Japanese site and a site called Hat Land that has limited sizes. Normally we don’t love patches on hats, but this one has the California flag and that’s dope. It’s a fitted cap and costs 7,000 Yen, or $34 from Hat Land. Buy Here for the Japanese site, or on Rakuten (same vendor) here.

Dodgers Mini Logo Cap

One trend we’re seeing out of Japan is the rise of the mini logo. Why? No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. Let those big logo dudes have their big logo hats, while you slide into your seat in a mini logo, unique in your section. Buy Here.

Signed Orel Herschiser 1988 Championship Hat

If this hat wasn’t dirty it would be a no brainer. White on white, rare 1988 patch, signed by the MVP of the series? Hell yes. Perhaps it can be cleaned up, and at $9.99 it’s a chance someone’s going to take. Bonus points– the Ebay listing calls it “Oral Herschiser”. Buy here.

1988 MLB World Series Vintage Snap Back

If you’re not feeling the dirty version of the 1988 team, here’s a more subtle one. Listed as brand new, it’s an official 1988 World Series hat, but doesn’t mention the Dodgers. The condition is great and the price is $24.99. A subtle hat for a fan who doesn’t need to rep “L.A.” specifically. Buy Here.

New Era Heather Pin Hat

This hat comes with a pin, maybe that’s why it’s $74. The color combo is really nice, the materials are exceptional, and the pin is a gimmick but a good one. If money is no object and you are a truly fashionable Dodger fan with an outfit that can work with this lid,  this might be a v. rare and good buy. You can probably make your own version of this, with your own pin, which would cost less, but if you’re ready to buy, find it here.