This past Saturday, adidas Skateboarding and art + culture publication Juxtapoz transformed Los Angeles’ Rhabbitat into a hypnotic homage to David Cook’s (aka Bonethrower) colorful land of YOD to commemorate the launch of the adidas Skateboarding x Bonethrower footwear and apparel collection. Upon entering, visitors to the Rhabittat space were met with a Halloween haunted house atmosphere: a series of Bonethrower’s warrior death lords and voodoo shamans lined the walls, ominously illuminated by colored lights and neon.

Seeing Bonethrower’s distinctive imagery displayed at large scale was powerful: the vibrant sculptures and prints are creepily “alive” — looking back at you with dark intent that will haunt your dreams. His aesthetic brings to mind Heavy Metal comics, Iron Maiden album covers, and junior high notebook doodles, yet up close they’re exacting and precise: crisp lines delineating sharp geometric shapes, evocative of the wall drawings of Sol Lewitt.

His cut-felt wall tapestries were equally effecting: electrified snakes, spiders, and flies loomed menacingly. Gallery go-ers could sit astride a gigantic, psychedelic power throne that puts the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones to shame.

Also on display were the navy blue adidas Matchcourt canvas sneakers, with a Bonethrower logo on the tongue, and a fresh track jacket adorned with an evil eye spider. And of course, Dave “Bonethrower” Cook himself was on-hand to greet heads, and graciously signed prints and skateboards in his signature style.

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All photos by Emily Acosta.