We had seen a ton of photos on instagram from the Seth Bogart Show but it wasn’t until the closing party that we actually saw the art in person. We arrived at Ooga Booga’s huge second space on Mission Rd., and had only a vague idea of what we were in for. Once we made our way through a sea of people, we went underground to a bright pink cave created by Seth Bogart, who is a former member of Gravy Train!!! and the lead singer for Hunx and his Punx. Luckily we got in before a line started and holy shit was it awesome.

Bogart created a room of pure enchantment filled with miniature sculptures and large scale installations that included a tanning booth, “club clothing”, a giant makeup compact with lips and eyes, a massive tv, and our favorite sculpture– a giant pair of legs coming out of the ground. Inspired by Pee Wee’s playhouse and Bogart’s past career as a hair dresser, the room was completely done up from head to toe in a wild expression of the artist’s uniquely colorful imagination.

In the middle of the room a continuous loop of “infomercials” played on repeat. As crowds gathered around the brightly colored objects and paintings, we couldn’t help but feel lucky that this installation was done in Los Angeles. The photos sort of do it justice, but if you missed out on this event we feel bad for you! The good thing is that Bogart is extremely active, so you’ll probably get another chance to check out one of his productions in the future. Next time, don’t snooze!


Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-7 Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-2 Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-20 Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-18 Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-5Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-22Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-17Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-16Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-14Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-21Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-13Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-9Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-15Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-12Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-11Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-10Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-19Seth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-3ISeth-Bogart-Show-LA-Taco-Desilu-Munoz-16