Worrisome news today out of Jefferson Park, where Chef Zadi’s Revolutionario North African Tacos restaurant is worried they may have to vacate the home they’ve built for the past few years. Not far from USC, the small shop has won over leagues of fans both local and international, who praise the unique flavors and forward-thinking cuisine and attitude of the owner and staff.

Chef Zadi writes us that the building he leases space in has been sold to a developer, although he has not been told who the developer is, or what their plans are for the space, it seems likely that the taco shop will need to relocate one way or the other– either permanently via a rent hike, or temporarily while the building is being renovated. The shop has gained traction ever since it first launched, climaxing with a decisive victory in Taco Madness 2016, the first year it was nominated, and has a companion food truck that will stay open even if the brick and mortar is forced to close.

Regardless of what happens, they are prepared for the worst, and invite their existing fans to come eat in the restaurant in what might be their final five weeks of existence. If you’ve never given Revolutionario a chance, now’s a good time to support this small business and help them plan for the future.

Here’s a selection of photos by Gabriel Carbajal of their tacos, click each image to enlarge…

Revolutionario North African Tacos
1436 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007