Don’t miss this show curated by GALO MAKE CANOTE and Oscar “BeskUno” Rivera. This Saturday night!

The ROCKIN’ 91 piece was a memorable graffiti piece executed by legendary graffiti artists, Besk and Make, at the historic Belmont Tunnel Yard. The piece paid homage to all the pioneers of the graffiti art movement, honored those that paved the way and mindfully respected those that have also passed away. In 2001, Besk and Make teamed up once again at the Belmont Yard to execute their ROCKIN’ 01 piece which possessed the same theme and concept, and celebrated another 10 years of continual and significant contribution to the movement.

2011 marks their 20th year anniversary and ROCKIN’ 2011 will be an art exhibit that continues the same tradition as the first piece. It will also have a special emphasis on the vacant location, The Belmont Tunnel Yard, that served as a public street art gallery space where local graffiti artists, from throughout the U.S. and the world would gather and express themselves artistically – The Historic Belmont Tunnel.

ROCKIN’ 2011 will showcase art by legendary, pioneering and well-respected graffiti artists. In addition, photographers who have documented the graffiti art, lifestyle and history of the Belmont Tunnel will share the spotlight. A video ephemera by Mr RTD1, will also be provided for further historical context and information surrounding The Pacific Electric Railway’s Belmont Tunnel and its monumental contribution to the graffiti movement.
There will be an altar installation depicting the graffiti artist’s lifestyle by Ofelia Esparza & ZANlovesEastLA. Ofelia Esparza & ZANlovesEastLA are an esteemed team of artists highly noted for their stunningly beautiful and elaborate Dia de los Muertos and traditional altars.

Featuring: Anger – Arco – Baba – Bash – BenBaller – Ben Esparza – Besk – Cre8 – David “Some” Arquette – David Cowan – EarnOne – Eriberto Oriol – Fear – OG Graff – Hex – Just195 – Augustine Kofie – Mear – Mosh – Mr RTD1 – Ofelia Esparza & ZANlovesEastLA – Pyro – Relic – Risky – Sergio “Doc” Rueda – Shandu – Size – Skan – Skept – Spurn – Steve Grody – Trina Calderon – Unit – Volt – Vyal – Wisk – YemOne – Zuco – and many more plus special guests.