Thursday the 23rd is the start of Printed Matter’s L.A Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at the MOCA . I will have a table at this event (@olskoolsean) and I wanted to put you on to the work that I will be showing and why I feel events like this are important.

Printed Matter’s art book fairs, which are twice a year, in L.A. and N.Y., help promote artists that self-publish their art. The dominant mediums are books and zines, but are not limited to that by any means.

I get hyped on this event along with many of my peers, because we have the space and freedom to show our work on our own terms, with no reliance on a third party gallery, book store or social media.

I never took photos or made art for instagram or twitter. I always wanted my work to be held and seen in the physical; so come visit my table and see the artists that I will be representing with!

Some of the work i’m hyped on is a collaboration I did with Valerie J. Bower @valeriejocelyn. we created a zine called “Welcome Home” . The zine depicts L.A. from our eyes, two L.A. natives that never felt strongly connected to one culture or sub-culture, but confidant and comfortable to weave amongst many to showcase life in L.A.

Another zine I will be showing is Oakland artist Amelia Berumen’s (@amelia_berumen) photo essay on Northern Cali’s Lucha Libre matches and events , ” Rudos vs. Tecnicos”. Her work details the personality and characters of the Luchadores in the Bay area.

I will also have two new releases at my table for These Days . One will be Estevan Oriol’s (@estevanoriol) new zine ” LA Angel Baby” showcasing intimate photos from his relationship with his wife Angel Baby. Check his IG to see when he will be doing a signing.

I will also have my own release with These Days ( , ” Sean’s Starshots” . This zine is a follow up to the show I had at the gallery in the summer, in which I set up an installation like a neighborhood photo studio, shooting portraits of the people of L.A.

Last, but not least, is a special zine all the way from the BX. Alexis Gonzalez (@thebronxisburning) will have a zine called ” Love Stories” compiled of autobiographical short stories, chronicling love and loss, told through old diary entries, text messages, emails and photos.

So roll thru and show some love. I never concern myself with my presence on social media when you can pick my art up and keep it for a lifetime. All of us at my table took these photos and are actively out creating art, photography, with no reliance on taking images from other people in previous generations. Get off social media and make eye contact with someone! Peace!

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