2302 West 25th St. ~ West Adams ~ Los Angeles, CA 90018

Nate wasn’t going down on Brenda in the living room, Claire wasn’t taking bong hits above the garage, Ruth wasn’t nervously clutching a plate in the kitchen’s soft, haunted beams of light, Rico and David weren’t seeing ghosts in the morgue, and Keith was not making us wish we were gay in the bedroom.


But there it stands in West Adams; The Auguste Marquis Residence, setting for the Fisher-Diaz Funeral Home in HBO’s Six Feet Under, which allegedly took place in North Hollywood. An impressive house in a neighborhood of gorgeously appointed mansions and tree-lined streets, the big stunner is eerily familiar but looks quite different off the screen. Visit the house, take pictures, stand around, and generally make the current residents (The Filipino Federation of America) feel uncomfortable, it’s well worth it just to imagine that Volvo sedan is really a lime-green hearse comng your way…