Skid Row murals in the news this month, with major street artists completing beautiful, large-scale works in L.A.’s historic site of deprivation and poverty.

Not getting nearly as much coverage, as far as we can tell, is the creation of an iconic “Skid Row City Limit” mural that was painted a couple of weeks ago by community activists and Skid Row residents. It is phase one of the “Skid Row Super Mural” envisioned by Skid Row’s ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS and its founder General Jeff. The mural is located at 6th and San Julian Street, at street level next to the Union rescue mission. Everyone who worked on this mural lives within the boundaries of Skid Row and it was entirely funded by Skid Row residents.

“It is the only place in our community where you will see the name ‘Skid Row’ in public. Now, folks will come from all over the world to take a photo in front of this mural just as they do with the iconic Hollywood sign”, says General Jeff.

The Mural was painted by the Winston Death Squad, Wyld Life, Chris Como and Tre.


Photo credit: Image 1 by Stephen Zeigler. Image 2 by MayorOfSkidRow