A woman was struck by a crazed “chauffeur” who dragged the body beneath the car for more than a mile, police allege. KTLA reports:

A driver has been arrested after she intentionally struck and killed a woman in downtown Los Angeles, dragging the victim nearly one mile across surface streets, according to police.

The driver, Nancy Lekon, 43 struck Sonia Tauanuu, 25, around 1:00 a.m. Thursday with her black Cadillac limousine, according to LAPD Lt. Jim Gavin.

Lekon kept going after striking Tauanuu, dragging her for nearly a mile along surface streets in skid row. At one point, she drove past the LAPD Central Station on East 6th Street.

The victim was still alive when the police forced the death limo to pull over, but died shortly after. Police believe the dispute between the two was part of a drug deal gone bad.