Recap: Taco Madness Presented by Groupon

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A fine day was had by all at Grand Park on April 5th for Taco Madness Presented by Groupon, the culmination of our month-long bracket style tournament to determine the LA’s favorite taco of 2014. The sun was hot, the lines were long, and the micheladas were flowing. As many as 5,000 people filled the park all day long and enjoyed tacos, music, and art. The winner of the online vote was El Coraloense, an inventive seafood spot featuring ceviches, tacos and more in two locations in Downey and Bell Gardens. Above, brother and sister team Leo and Natalie Curie pick up their award on stage as artist Mear One paints in the background. Photos by Erwin Recinos & Desilu Munoz..




Tijuana dark wavy tribaleros LOS MACUANOS are playing at La Cita tonight.

Watch this classic if your not properly convinced.

|CH.R.O.M.E.| ENTER THE DARKNESS: Fire to the Prison Industrial Complex



This Saturday at Downtown LA punk space East 7th- art collective CH.R.O.M.E. presents new and neon work in resistance to the prison industrial complex.  Expect anti-authoritarian animated .gifs, black light printed matter, neon FTP installations, horror lighting and a goth DJ.

Saturday 7-11 PM. East 7th Warehouse, 1725 E. 7th St., Los Angeles CA 90021.

CH-R-O-M-E.NET | on Facebook | Press Release

In The Streets ~ April 12th

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NELA Artwalk takes place the second Saturday of each month bring art openings from various galleries in Cypress Park and Highland Park area. A fantastic opening is taking place at Avenue 50 Studios, “In The Street / En Las Calles”. Featured in the main gallery are paintings by Juan Carlos Munoz-Hernandez (featured) and scupltured glass by Jaime Guerrero. In the annex room opens “My Name on Top of Yours” by Yvonne Estrada, who travels the streets as an ambulance driver photographing graffiti while writing poems about its presence.

Avenue 50 Studios is located at 131 North Avenue 50 in Highland Park. But if you are having trouble locating this gallery here is look at a collaborative mural put together by the featured artist Juan Carlos and Alex Kizu (featured) that was put together just days before the opening. It is wonderful addition to the area and spotlights the beauty and character of Northeast Los Angeles.

Sideshow Brand Carrier Pigeons ~ Hollywood


Hollywood ~ CA

VYAL x GUERRILLA TACOS for Latagrafica

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As part of Taco Madness, artist Vyal collaborated with taquero Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos to paint a mural on the side of the truck. Check it out in person (schedule on the Guerrilla Tacos website) and get some of LA’s best tacos at the same time. The truck is still being worked on, with new elements to come soon. The truck was painted with the support of Red Bull’s Latagrafica project. Photographer Erwin Recinos captured the creation of the mural in one of the large taco truck commissaries that serve Los Angeles…


FLERT & JESR ~ Los Angeles


These photos are by Alexander The Great. Check out his FLICKR and INSTAGRAM for more.


Interview With Jim “Food One” Mahfood For Taco Madness


TACO hit up the indomitable Food One to engage in a little verbal intercourse about life, love and tacos. Check out the interview and see Jim Mahfood this Saturday at Taco Madness.

Tell us more about what you’ve been up to in 2014 and what’s upcoming. Rockin’ a bunch of new t-shirt designs for Nike for their new B-Ball streetwear line, doing all the art on the new Miami Vice comic book (written by Joe Casey), contributing art to the new 21st Century Tank Girl project, hustlin’ the hand-made Pop-Up Funk pop-up Book, and shopping around the animated show that I did for MTV with my pals Scott Mosier & Joe Casey. It’s called D.I.S.C.O. Destroyer (Liquid Television | Sneak Peek of Disco Destroyer from Episode 1). Updates on my work always at and Instagram is @jimmahfood.

You’ve chosen Access Books as your non profit– why them? Anything to get people to read, anything to make books more available to young people (or anyone else for that matter) is all golden with me!



Interview With Galo “Make One” Canote For Taco Madness


This week we caught a minute to shoot the breeze with L.A. art legend Galo “Make One” Canote. We hoped he’d be teaching us the birds and bees. But we learned more. Much more. Check it out and catch Make One painting in the flesh this Saturday at Taco Madness at Downtown’s Grand Park.

Hi Galo, been a while since we talked TACO. What’ve you been working on? Yes, it has been a while. Glad we are still in touch and glad we can re-connect and TACO bout it…(laughs, slaps knee). Oh man! I crack myself up.

Well since we last spoke, I’ve worked on a few projects and also have some in the works. Some of which are still under development, of course. Hopefully they will all come to fruition soon and creep up on ya. I am one whom tries not to boast about upcoming projects until they are just about done or have been completed. Not sure if that is a bad thing, which perhaps may be my own demise for what I call my career, but I often see waaaaay too many folks bragging about what they’re doing or are gonna work on or what they will be doing etc. That often annoys me and comes across to me as or sounds a bit pretentious…or maybe I am the pretentious one…(shrugs).

And as an artist, what is your overall mission, point of view or goals right now? You know? Every artist gets asked this question. And my overall objective and/or mission or goal as an artist, or as one defines one to be, is to just be…to just exist. I truly have nothing profound or theoretical or say…but to simply just be who I am and to do what I do. As in our last interview, I don’t necessarily define myself as an artist, nor categorize myself as one. I feel by doing so limits me to other outlets. I like to view myself as a universal hustler with no definition…


You’ve been beautifying this city for a long time. How have you and your art grown? Well, to be honest, I wish I would have grown more….in height that is (laughs). I have the tendency to lag a bit; procrastinate. Be lazy. Not that I have not grown, but I know and am well aware that I could have grown more…matured more artistically to be more accurate. But thank God I still have time and am considerably young to re-apply myself and commit more to the arts or anything creative. To be more committed to myself creatively in an effort to grow more. Albeit, the latest thing I have focused more on is the art or lettering or typography. I am studying letters more in an effort to perfect my lettering. As you and many well know, letters have always been my fascination and is the core of what drives me, motivates me or inspires me artistically. Just need to find my niche’.


Interview With Max Neutra For Taco Madness

Max Neutra Wall

LA Taco had a chat with Venice-born artist Max Neutra about his work, inspiration and life in Los Angeles. Check it out, then come see Neutra in action next Saturday at Taco Madness in Downtown’s Grand Park.

Hi Max, first and foremost, what’s your favorite taco spot?
Tacos Reyes in Canoga Park.  Not just damn good asada tacos, but free chips and salsa and friendly service.

And what brought you to LA, and what keeps you here?
A job working as the main AV tech for Warner Music Group brought me here.  Art keeps me here.

How did you start doing murals and how has your art evolved?
I started out doing a lot of live painting at events.  There was a lot of aggression, paintings with a lot of teeth and eyeballs.  Images that worked well for the punk rock shows I was painting at.  Perhaps the aggression was a way for me to find the courage to paint in front of an audience.  But I’ve been doing it long enough now that things have changed.  I’m not as angry, and more comfortable in my skin, and have found myself enjoying a balance of chaos and harmony.  My work is not nearly as aggressive now, but it still has some wild elements.


Interview With Evan Mendel of AWONDERFULMISTAKE



What is your favorite method; medium? Are you currently developing or interested in any particular new techniques?

All mediums can serve a purpose, and it’s important to explore and experiment with new things, but If I had to choose it would be spray paint for sure. There is so much you can do with it. It’s just fun. If I’m using spray paint that means I’m painting something large which is always a plus. There’s something nostalgic and special about spray paint for me. It was so hard to get my hands on as a kid, but when I did I fucking cherished any paint I got.

 How do you like to develop content/generate new material?