Preview: Chicahua Icnoyotl – Mí Gente, Mí Vida, My Barrio – Solo Show by Photographer Joaquin Atl Guzman


Photographer Joaquin Atl Guzman has been creating strong images in the city of Los Angeles for the past few years, and his first solo show opens on September 11th at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights at 7pm. Please enjoy this selection of preview images which highlight the artist’s connection to his neighborhood and his unending search for beauty and truth.

Preview: XX at Subliminal Projects ~ Opens Thursday

Christine Wang, Oil Painters Don’t Need Water, 2015

“XX” is a new group show that includes the work of eight L.A. artists: Christina Hendershaw, Melissa Huddleston, Natalia Margulis, Erin Morrison, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Angeline Rivas, Christine Wang, and Suzanne Wright. The diverse crew of artists work in different media and styles, but are all young local talents poised to break through individually and as a group through this show.

The opening reception at Subliminal Projects will take place on Thursday, August 27 from 7 to 10 pm. All artists will be in attendance and an RSVP is required to The show will be on view through September 26. Keep reading for previews, information about the artists, and the gallery press notes. 


Photo Recap: Art Shows We Know You Missed


On any given night in Los Angeles there are art openings at dozens of different galleries or pop-up events. Featured in this post are art shows / events that you may have heard about, but didn’t get a chance to check out in person. Please enjoy this glimpse of what you missed so far in August from San Pedro, Rosemead, Downey and Downtown Los Angeles, featuring artist such as Augustine Kofie, Mike Giant, Noelle Martinez, and many more. All photos taken by L.A. TACO senior photographer Erwin Recinos.


Kid Dickarus, or Birdly: I Tried A VR Bird Thing

Above: Birdly at a previous demonstration

Above: Birdly at a previous demonstration

Last weekend, as part of Sundance Next Fest (a film festival of, I guess, whatever movie’s playing next), LA Taco was able to wrangle me a spot to try Birdly, a flying video game (the creators call it installation art, but it’s a video game), where you strap an Oculus Rift to your head, climb yourself up onto a robot boogie board with flappy wings and a fan attached to it, and pretend to fly.

Seriously, check it out (I recommend you turn the volume way up on this one).

I got to the Theater at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA, where the Birdly demo was being held in the early afternoon, before the actual movies started. The contraption was set up on the mezzanine off the lobby, where a gang of German nerds, who I mentally named: the Cool One, the Goatee One, the Girl One, and Herr 90s were running the machine. One by one, we got in line and strapped ourselves in for a couple minutes of flying around a virtual version of New York.

Douglas Miles’s Apache Taco Truck


A personal History from Douglas Miles of Apache Skateboards.

Late last month I went to the White Mountain Apache Reservation ( aka Fort Apache Indian Reservation) to visit with friends, relatives and one of the long-standing members of the Apache Skateboards (AS) Team : Tashadawn Hastings. I sponsor her on my team so I created a few custom decks for her to ride and gave her some recent t-shirts I designed. I don’t get to see Tasha enough but always try to hook her up when I can. She’s traveled with AS throughout the last 10 years and was featured in a short film doc, “Apache Chronicle” directed by Nanna Dalunde produced by Apache Skateboards.

Summer Market on 1st ~ Long Beach

8.8.15 Summer Market on 1st FlyerJoin us for the Summer Market on 1st, a weekly summer community shopping experience that will feature cool and curated goods from local artisans and designers, live music, pop ups, in store events and more.

 Saturday August 8th from 12pm – 6pm

1st Street, Downtown Long Beach, 90802 , along the sidewalk facing the East Village shops

Preview: Jonathan Leder Solo Exhibition ~ Superchief Gallery


Jonathan Leder Solo Exhibition
Superchief Gallery
August 8th – August 22nd, 2015
739 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

We’ve been fans of Jonathan Leder since discovering his work on Paperwork NYC , who have showcased his zines at various book fairs the past couple of years. His latest solo show, and first in Los Angeles, comprises photos shot mostly on Polaroid between 2011 and 2015. The 92 photos grab you, discard you, and then make you pray to be let back in again for another glimpse of the retro fantasy world the artists creates with his models.

Recap: Handstyles Session ~ Container Yard

HandstylesSession_ContainerYard (1 of 11)

This past Monday night the Container Yard in the Arts District of Los Angeles held its very first Youth Art Night with some of the city’s most best-known calligraphers and tattoo artist. Young art enthusiasts were treated to a hands on art session with artists such as Prime, Cale, Big Sleeps, Relic, Edgar Aguirre, Norm and Huero. It was a fun filled night for the youngsters in attendance, but it’s possible the OGs had even more fun. More art events are said to be in the works for the coming weeks so definitely keep up with @thecontaineryard on Instagram for all the info. Keep reading for more photos from the night.

Photo Recap: “All Involved” Book Party ~ East London


UGLARworks member Ryan Gattis has just published All Involved, a book that takes place mainly in Lynwood during the 1992 L.A. Riots. We’ll have an interview with Ryan coming next week, but today check out these photos from the pop up art & literary event in East London sponsored by Shortlist Magazine to celebrate the publication of All Involved, which is making waves from L.A. to the U.K. and beyond.


Photo Recap: Bootleg Bart ~ DTLA

BootlegBart_BeStreet (1 of 18)

After 26 seasons and a feature length film, the success of the Simpsons doesn’t need to be proved. When you have such an influence on the popular imagination, everything is possible, and that is what happened in the 1990s with the bootleg bart phenomenon. Artists created their own versions of the character to include him in some weird, trashy or political situations (sometimes all three). Be Street revived the unofficial part of Bart’s story by inviting over 60 international artists to produce some new and exclusive pieces. We weren’t invited, but we’ve included our bootleg bart at the bottom of this post just for your personal reference.

The exhibition was shown in Los Angeles on July 25th to 26th 2015, then presented at the Be Street Weekend in Paris on October 3rd and 4th 2015. More info at Be Street. All Photos by Erwin Recinos.

Our Lady of Gentrification by Wild Life ~ Downtown


A brand new installation by Wild Life went up this weekend as part of the artist’s residency at These Days gallery in Downtown. The theme of change and gentrification has long been at the heart of Wild Life’s public art, and it’s always presented in a way that both confronts and educates the people who walk by and happen to catch a glimpse.

The sculpture is accompanied by a small placard that reads:


Once upon a time, an artist with desperate thoughts was walking down Broadway between 5th & 6th Streets when he glimpsed her through a dirty window of a business that was shuttering it’s doors. As their eyes met, the man saw visions of artists of past history working in the salons of Paris and Vienna and the mannequins they used as their subjects and often a source of inspiration. Immediately, the darkness that weighed heavy on his heart and mind lifted as he recognized the pure intention of the frozen figure. He saw through her eyes the decades she spent staring out at the sea of humanity, their dreams, their desires, and the inevitable tsunami of change that was to crash on the shores of Broadway and wash away those same hopes and dreams. The artist witnessed impossible tears emerge from her eyes and flow down her fiberglass cheeks as he felt her heart breaking. The sign in the window read “EVERYTHING MUST GO!” and the artist wondered if she would have to go as well. At that moment, in his mind, she had become a Saint. She was, is, and will always be Our Lady Of Gentrification.

More photos: