People I’ve Shot in L.A. ~ Photographs by Ef Be

self realization

Ef Be, who you’ll remember from last year’s “Personal History: Documenting Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles“, now shares some of his street photography along with handwritten captions. You can view more of his photography here, or check out his screenprints and music here.


Preview: AGENTS PROVOCATEURS: A Selection of Subversive Skateboard Graphics & Artworks


AGENTS PROVOCATEURS: A Selection of Subversive Skateboard Graphics & Artworks opens on Saturday, January 24th at Subliminal Projects. Pretty much every opening we’ve been to there has featured not only interesting contemporary art but some sort of surprise… along with big crowds, so get there early. If you can’t make the opening, try to stop in while the show is up because this is an eclectic, vibrant, and subversive show featuring some of the best in the skateboard graphics world.

1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Please enjoy this brief preview of some of the art that will be displayed…

Recap: Deadbeat Club’s “Mentally Retired” at Slow Culture ~ Highland Park


Friday, January 9th was the opening of Deadbeat Club’s “Mentally Retired” photography show at Slow Culture. Clint Woodside, the founder of Deadbeat Club, arranged the group show which  featured an eclectic group of photographs from Andrea Sonnenberg, Devin Briggs, Nolan Hall, Deanna Templeton, Cheryl Dunn, Grant Hatfield, Tobin Yelland, Ed Templeton and (of course) Clint Woodside. The opening featured an exclusive dj set by Atiba & Ako Jefferson, who brought the musical heat to match the photography. It all combined for one of Slow Culture’s biggest shows ever. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to capture the night… (Continued)

The History of L.A. Graffiti Art Volume Two – 1989 to 1994


The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art Volume One is one of our favorite books of all time and one of the number one resources used to help create L.A. Taco back in the early days. One of the pleasures of doing this website has been to meet many of the writers listed in the book and being able to put faces to the names from some of the most epic bombing campaigns in LA graffiti history. [Editors Note]

Here comes The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art Volume Two – 1989 to 1994. It was an amazing undertaking that took over 4 years to complete by authors Authors Robert “Wisk” Alva and Robert “Relax” Reiling. The most important part of the project now is printing of Volume Two. This is where you come in to support and make this project a reality. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign and help fund a piece of L.A. history. You won’t be disappointed, as this is a worthy successor to Volume One. Keep reading for more details…


Recap ~ “Ruin Value” Group Art Show


“Ruin Value” group art show curated by Dan Regan and Nick Angelo opened on January 3rd at Astroetic Studios.  The collection of artwork featured several prominent Los Angeles based artists and focused on “life spans” represented through photography, installations, and illustrations.

After climbing over 17 spiraling flights of stairs, we reached the hauntingly beautiful entrance decorated with funeral-style flowers lit by candles. The immediate cohesiveness of the show’s presentation and artwork was both chilling and alluring. We especially enjoyed Spanto’s photography, Johnny Vampotna’s Neon Scythe (above), Rick Rodney‘s stark photographs, Adam Villacin’s light box, and illustrations done by Nick Angelo.

The packed event had a line spilling out of the door all night. Tons of people eagerly awaited for their chance to get inside the one night only event. We couldn’t help but circle the gallery numerous times to get a closer look at each peice brought together by Dan Regan and Nick Angelo. L.A. Taco’s Desilu was there to capture the evening. Select the “read more” link for a complete photo recap.


The Latest L.A. Street Art ~ January 2015


Above, House of Meggs in the Arts District. Please enjoy this tour of recent street art as found on the streets of Los Angeles by the one and only locoliinda. For more street art and graffiti pics visit or follow @locoliinda on instragram. Keep reading for the full tour…


L.A. Artist Ilma Gore Will Tattoo Your Name on her Body for $10


An interesting Kickstarter project brought to us by KTLA5 is Mission to tattoo my whole body! by Illma Gore. The Australian-born artist just hit the $6,000 she needs to complete the Kickstarter, but still has lots of room on her legs for your name ($10) or design ($100).

Here’s what she says about the idea:

I want to be a singular tattoo for my latest art exhibition, and I want it to be your names. This is going to be an art exhibition in LA featuring my body and your names. I think the tattoo on my forehead says it best ‘Life is art’. There is something absurd & beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers names draped over my pale goth skin, even if half of them are ‘Penis Butt’. Why? you might ask, simply because I can, I know what I’m about son, and I am my own ultimate canvas. Like my art exhibitions and murals this is a social and artistic experiment! Each persons name to me represents YOU the main protagonist in your own story. I will be covered in a hundred tiny stories.

She provides helpful diagrams to let you see where the current tattoos are, and where your name or design will go.


Preview: Mexico City’s Fifty24MX Gallery at LA ART SHOW

SocialSecurityCamera-Instagram Fidia Falaschetti Mixed media / Lt Ed 4 pcs 46 x 18 x 25.5 cm

Fidia Falaschetti
Mixed media / Lt Ed 4 pcs
46 x 18 x 25.5 cm

One of our favorite art galleries in Mexico is Fifty24MX, and they’re bringing some beautiful art to this week’s L.A. Art Show. Keep reading for a preview of some of the work they’ll be showing at Booth 1030 as part of littletopia…


Laser Tag Sound Track ~ Coming February 24th


Three things that definitely go together, even if you probably never would’ve connected the dots: Experimental Soundtracks, Performance and Laser Tag. On Tuesday, Feb 24 at 6:30pm, Kchung Radio DJ Anna Ialeggio will host Laser Tag Sound Track, a concert featuring curated experimental soundtracks inside a functioning laser tag facility . The entire event will be broadcast live as an unfolding radio narrative on

Laser Tag Sound Track explores the connections between games, wars, reality journalism and popular entertainment. From Call of Duty to American Sniper to children’s birthday parties, American life and entertainment are infused with war simulations and expressions of the military-industrial complex. Often these expressions are devoid of the trauma of war, and are presented as mere entertainment. Exploring this space through experimental music and performance inside an actual laser tag facility should be really bizarre and fascinating.

From the official press release:


Video Recap: Toy Art Gallery Opening

Shot and edited by Anthony Godinez. Beats by Red Menace.

Also, don’t miss the next Toy Art Gallery Opening, which is this weekend.


Preview: interior angles at Keystone Gallery ~ Opens January 10th

keystone 5x7
New Works by Johnie Thornton, David A Acuna, Jon Measures, and Joshua Charles Hart.

Opening Reception January 10th, 2015 at 7pm. 2588 North San Fernando Road, LA 90065. More info here.

Please enjoy a quick preview of some of the works on display from emerging artists in Los Angeles…