Preview: Benjie Escobar “Take it Easy”


Benjie Escobar has a new show that opens this Saturday. We talk a lot about artists who have disparate influences, but rarely can they bring it all together into something as cohesive and actually fun. This show will sell out so if you want to buy something, try to get there early!


Q&A with COOP, whose “Work on Paper, 1987-2015″ Opens Saturday


Christopher Cooper, AKA COOP, will present a retrospective of work on paper spanning over 25 years this weekend at Coagula Curatorial (974 Chung King Road). Originally from Oklahoma, COOP has been in Los Angeles longer than many of his millions of fans worldwide have been alive. We caught up with the new father to talk about his art, life in Los Angeles, and drunken dwarfs.

Are you a cool dad?
You’ll have to ask my son, when he learns to speak. (Continued)

Squid x ESTO ~ Downtown L.A.


Photos by Joe Jimenez.

Recap: 4th Annual L.A. Zine Fest


Last Sunday was the 4th annual L.A. Zine Fest. The one-day-only event was very well attended, with people streaming in and out of the event site all day long. Interesting outfits and dyed hair was in abundance as were zines in every permutation imaginable. Some of our favorite tables were Freeways Collide, Adam Villacin, and Sleep Talk Press. The great people over at Influenza were on the scene, passing out hand stamped fliers to promote the 1st ever Long Beach Zine Fest.

A truly great thing about the LAZF is that it really promotes the D.I.Y. movement, and has helped inspire more and more people to create their own work and do their own thing. Within the last four years the LAZF has gained a huge following, as the event connects people from all over the world. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to support and document this very cool event that happened on a very hot February day. (Continued)

Preview: Robert Williams “SLANG Aesthetics!” ~ Opens this Weekend

Juxtapoz_March_Robert Williams_ad 2

This weekend, as part of the Juxtapoz Magazine 20th anniversary party and art show, the founder of Juxtapoz will be showing a new exhibition of work. A self-described conceptual realist, Williams is considered the godfather of the low brow art movement. This is his first show in LA for over a decade. Keep reading for a preview of some of the images that will be on display, along with more info on the show…

The Photography of Gregory Bojorquez


Gregory Bojorquez first came to our attention four years ago, when his photograph of a shooting in Hollywood made the front page of the L.A. Times. It was the first photograph shot on film that made the front page in over a decade. But we were late… Gregory has been making indelible images long before that, and has continued to document life in Los Angeles with a unique style, a sense of playfulness, and a depth that can only come from personal experience. His photos are remarkable because you can sense the love he has for his subjects but also feel his need to create art, to define a moment. To cast the neighborhood of his youth and his present in bronze and say that this, right here, matters. Boyle Heights is lucky to have someone like Gregory roaming her streets and meeting people, talking with friends, eating, and taking pictures. Please enjoy this selection of brand new scans from the photographer’s recent work, along with a Q&A.

New Mural: Augustine Kofie at the American Hotel ~ Los Angeles


A new Kofie mural in Los Angeles is always a thing to grateful for, and this one is no exception. His murals always look amazing from any direction or perspective, but the details up close on a brick building are incredible. All Photos by The Graffiti Hunter.


Tina Lugo at Mishka ~ Friday, February 20th


This Friday, February 20th Мишка Los Angeles will be featuring artist Tina Lugo at their shop on La Brea. Lugo — born and still living in Bronx, New York, has a sexually charged and very dark sense of humor. Her love for cartoons informs all of her work, and she cites Takashi Murakami, Toshio Saeki, Hanna Barbera, Henry Darger and Japanese animation as influences. Her art subverts both erotica, which we expect to be transgressive, and what are usually considered innocuous forms of art and entertainment that actually carry sexual undertones. In Lugo’s violent world, chicks bleed candy and horny devils tease terribly tumescent men. Check out a couple examples:


Atlas & Aloy ~ Los Angeles

IMG_2761 - Copy

Atlas & Aloy- MSK/TSL/SKA/FTL/004

Recap: “Multiple Truths” Photographs by Chrissy Piper and Martin Sorrondeguy


“Mulitple Truths” opened this last Saturday at the Super Chief Gallery in Los Angeles. There was a big turnout, as both of the photographers on display have had big followings for a long time. As we approached the Super Chief Gallery our eyes were instantly drawn to the giant enlargements done by both Chrissy Piper and Martin Sorrondeguy. Some of their photos were also wheatpasted in various areas including the front of the Gallery. Piper and Sororondeguy’s black and white photography take you on a journey with them, as they record unforgettable moments of out of the ordinary faces and scenes. The  honesty and integrity of both photographers work brings true realism to their documentary approach.

The Super Chief Gallery dj was playing hit after hit and even threw in some Hombres G towards the end to leave the evening on a happy note. L.A. Taco’s Desilu Muñoz and Erwin Recinos stopped by to view the art and document the night. Follow the link for a full photo recap from both Muñoz and Recinos. (Continued)

Stunning Photos of Port of Los Angeles During Weekend Shutdown


The Port of Los Angeles and its workers have been involved in a 9 month battle over wages, benefits, and a new contract. Photographer Mike Kelley of Los Angeles posted these photos to Imgur this morning from a weekend excursion aboard a chopper far out in the Pacific Ocean, where cargo ships are idling, waiting for the port to re-open. The photos show dozens of ships waiting for their turn to come into port, and even more trucks waiting to unload cargo. Click for larger images…