Pow! Wow! Long Beach Instant Photo Series


Can you tell that we had a lot of fun at Pow! Wow! Long Beach last week? The week-long international mural festival gave artists massive canvases and photographers intriguing subjects to shoot. Our two staff photographers, Erwin Recinos and Desilu Munoz, took tons of digital photographs, but also captured the festival’s artists on instant film cameras.

Erwin’s weapon was the Polaroid 600SE and Desilu carried a 1st generation Instax Mini. Both cameras managed to catch the attention of the muralists, who wanted to get a look at the photographs as soon as they popped out. This lead to Desilu having the idea to let the artists sign their personal portraits. Until the next Pow! Wow!, we bring you this unique set of instant photos, follow the link for more!


Recap: Benije Escobar and The Camera Creeps

BEscobar_CameraCreeps (11 of 12)
Last Friday night, dual exhibitions by The Camera Creeps and Benjie Escobar opened at the Seventh Letter Gallery on Fairfax. We’ve interviewed both Benjie and the Creeps, so we always like to keep up with their latest shows and releases. Most recently, Benjie Escobar has been feeding the good people of Los Angeles with delicious musubi and he recently completed a huge mural for Pow! Wow! Long Beach.

Members of the Camera Creeps have been producing independent zines and various collectibles for a collective called Applesauce Industries. Last Friday night’s gallery opening was a hot one, as june bugs buzzed around the lights outside, people huddled around their favorite pieces as they instagrammed it for all their friends to see. The all film photography by the Creeps never seems to disappoint. Follow the link for a full recap of photos by both Erwin Recinos and Desilu Munoz.


Photo Recap: Pow! Wow! Long Beach ~ Day Three

PowWowLBC_D3_ERecinos (6 of 12)

Our coverage of Pow! Wow! Long Beach continues with nighttime shots of Jeff Soto (above) & Low Bros (below) murals for Pow! Wow! Long Beach along with in-progress and completed murals from bumblebeelovesyou, Tristan Eaton, Fafi, Push, & James Jean. All photos by Erwin Recinos. Want more? Day One / Day Two / Fafi Discussion.


Photo Recap: Jeff Staple 1-2-1 Talk with Fafi ~ Pow! Wow! Long Beach

FafiTalk_LongBeach (4 of 10)

The artist Fafi has taken a unique to art world success– exploring femininity through stereotypes and using them to her advantage. Without compromising her foundational ideals, she’s locked toy manufacturing deals with Sony and Medicom, created countless illustrations for Vogue, Elle and The Face, created collaborations with Adidas, M.A.C, Hennessy, Swatch, Samsung and Le SportSac, and been the subject of many solo and group shows in the most respected galleries around the globe.


Photo Recap: Pow! Wow! Long Beach ~ Day Two

PowWowLB_DayTwo (6 of 30)

The city of Long Beach has become an open air art gallery thanks to the work of the international mural festival Pow! Wow!, featuring artists like Aaron De La Cruz, Benjie Escobar, Mad Steez, Fafi, Cryptik, and more.

Thanks to Pow! Wow! for including L.A. Taco as a media partner, and congratulations to the organizers and the artists for putting together an incredible event that has left a lasting impact on the city of Long Beach. Please enjoy Erwin’s coverage of Day 2… Coverage of Day 1 is right over here.


Photo Recap: Pow! Wow! Long Beach ~ Day One

PowWowLB_FirstDays (2 of 10)

The walls (and even the grounds) of Long Beach were transformed last week by the international mural festival known as Pow! Wow!, which has previously been held in Hawaii, Taiwan, and Austin. Our correspondent Erwin Recinos was there every day, and all this week will be recapping the festivities and mural production for us one day at a time. Once you’ve seen our coverage, the next step is to go tour the completed murals in Long Beach in person. Huge thanks to Pow! Wow! for including L.A. Taco as a media partner, and congratulations to the organizers and the artists for putting together an incredible event that has left a lasting impact on the city of Long Beach. Please enjoy Erwin’s coverage of Day 1…


CAB & CINK ~ Los Angeles


Photos by Alexander The Great. Check out his FLICKR and INSTAGRAM for more LA Graffiti.


L.A. Taco interview with Allison “Hueman” Torneros


In honor of POW! WOW! Long Beach which just kicked off on Monday, we’ve been getting in contact with some of the participating artists and organizers. We recently published interviews with Jasper Wong and Benjie Escobar, and this week we bring you an interview with Allison Torneros who goes by the name HUEMAN.

Over the past ten years, Hueman has edged ever closer to the art world spotlight, as her unique blend of mural and gallery skills are appreciated by a an expanding global audience.  Though she just recently moved back to the Bay Area, we still hold her close to our hearts as an honorary Angeleño. Hueman’s work speaks volumes, as the beautiful chaos she creates converges in harmony, causing you to simply stare in wonder at her paintings. Allison has also done work for Nike, Disney, CNN, and Miscrosoft, all while completing walls throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida, Hawaii and (this week) Long Beach. L.A. Taco’s Desilu recently had the chance to ask Hueman some questions: follow the link for more and remember to check out POW! WOW! Long Beach going down all this week!


Recap: “Legends Never Die” a Tribute to Teen Angel

This last Saturday night in Highland Park, shop Mi Vida hosted the “Legends Never Die” Teen Angel tribute art show. As we drove down York Blvd towards the shop, we quickly began to see the huge crowd gathered outside the venue. Beautiful Low Riders and classic cars were laying it low on the pavement as their presence graced York Boulevard, and made it feel we stepped back into the 50’s.


Preview: Brian Lotti “Echo Park” ~ Opens Tonight at HVW8

Baxter- Sunset
Baxter (Sunset)
36 x 48 inch Oil on Canvas

We don’t come across too many impressionists here at Taco HQ, so it was interesting and illuminating to view the work of Brian Lotti. Born in Japan, he now works with an easel outdoors, plein-air, in Los Angeles. His paintings open your eye to the genius of impressionism and create strong feelings of attachments for locals and transplants alike, who recognize not just their streets and corners, but the light that infuses Los Angeles with its peculiar golden energy. Keep reading for more preview images of the show which opens tonight at HVW8.


L.A. Taco Interview with Benjie Escobar


We recently had the chance to sit down with Benjie Escobar at a bomb new ramen spot in Little Tokyo to discuss his current projects, what he’s been into lately, and what he has in store for POW! WOW! Long Beach. A true kid at heart (like most of us) Benjie stays in touch with his roots and aspirations through his multifarious artistic explorations. Benjie is involved in so many art forms it’s hard to keep up– he’s into restoring low rider bikes, illustration, photography, collecting odd stuff, and the ever so delicious musubi.

If you haven’t already heard about POW! WOW!which will be taking place all next week, Benjie will be there painting a huge wall that will be his largest project to date. Even if you don’t know Benjie’s name, you’ve probably seen one of his designs on the internet or on someone’s t-shirt. Most recently one of his designs was copied and reposted all over the internet like Kim Kardashian nudes.  The only downside was that he didn’t get much credit for his witty Venn diagram. Benjie being the humble and funny artist he is made a parody of his original design. Hopefully that one gets ripped off too and makes it to Juxtapoz’s instagram again. 

What are some of your past and current influences?

In no order, going off of stuff I screen shotted on my phone: Horrible internet memes, self embellished clothing, iron on letters, Nintendo, my cat, pizza, burgers, musubi, gremlins 2: the new batch, people who can surf better than I ever will, UFOs, fairy kei, reformed Cholas with old photo albums, margaritas, luchadores, vintage local anything, American gladiators, pointy boots, multi colored hair, dragon ball z, pink or teal sweaters, flaming hot Cheetos, SGV dive bars, street fighter 2 endings, Japan, pastel cyber goths, the original point break, spaghetti, risograph, micheladas, tribal tattoos, and old Schwinns.