The Incredible XXX Cult Posters of Westgate Gallery

The Devil's Playground  (USA, 1976) width= is an online original movie poster boutique specializing in rare & outrageous Classic, Cult, Exploitation, Giallo, Golden Age XXX & Horror, with one of the largest selections of painted/illustrated porno 1 sheets and Italian subway posters every collected.

Some of their most amazing pieces will be the subject of a huge gallery show at Lethal Amounts in downtown Los Angeles, opening Friday, May 15 at 8 PM. The event will showcase a large group of fully restored, linen-backed posters the likes of which are rarely available in such pristine form. More information here. Keep reading for a gallery of posters, along with full details of the event…


Recap: Taco Madness 2015 at Villains Tavern


In honor of Taco Madness being an event for the people, we decided to give our staff photographers the day off to enjoy their tacos, and instead collected some of our favorite photos from Instagram.

The day long event consisted of good vibes and delicious tacos in every direction, along with some of L.A.’s best graffiti artists doing their thing while being serenaded by the sounds of our favorite DJs. We couldnt help but notice how it seemed like we were hanging out in one of our Tio’s back yards enjoying ice cold drinks and some of the most amazing tacos Los Angeles has to offer. Huge thanks to Villain’s Tavern, Red Bull LAX, Azul212, AlexandertheGreatestofThemAll, and all the people who came out to celebrate Los Angeles and the taco lifestyle with us.


Recap: “Failure is an Option” Group Show


Last weekend, the Brewery Arts Complex held their annual artwalk in Lincoln Heights. The event attracted thousands over two days showcasing art, artists, and good times. One show we had to check out was “Failure is an Option”, a group show featuring artists such as Sharnae Caceres, Bob Flowers, Charles Ponce, Guillermo Millan, Gina Kuhn, and Letter Cat. “Questionable Art by Questionable People” described the group show perfectly. Each piece was weird, interesting and thought provoking. L.A. Taco’s Desilu stopped by to check out the show, follow the link for more photos.


Preview: Cats Out of the Bag, a Felix the Cat Themed Group Art Show from Slow Culture


Felix the Cat is almost 100 years old but he still looks fresher than most other cartoon characters created since he first emerged in silent films. Los Angeles has a long history of Felix worship, heavily influenced by the iconic Felix the Cat car dealer sign in the Figueroa Corridor.

The excellent Slow Culture gallery in Highland Park will show new work inspired by Felix on May 8th. The gallery has assembled a diverse group of artists with completely different takes on Felix ranging from the reverential to the bizarre. Keep reading for a preview of some of the images along with complete artist list and press release…


Dorian Lynde ~ Unbroken


The following piece is by artist, author, and activist Phil America, who we welcome into the TACO universe…

In early 2015 I met up with Dorian Lynde, a Canadian artist, to photograph her while working on her year-long photo series Peace By Piece. The series itself is more than just a collection of photos, it is a performance. It is a meditation. It is a reminder. It is a lesson on life. The photos show her work with “unbroken meditation”, a practice she took on over the one year’s time in which she broke a piece of china(porcelain) every day and glued them back together.

Preview: SURFACE Portraits of Street Artists ~ Opens April 25th at Subliminal Projects

SURFACE public invite

Søren Solkær is a Danish photographer who has photographed over 135 street artists from all over the world in their native environments. His exuberant, loving photographs capture artists near their iconic works and provides new context for the oft-anonymous artists and their global productions. The highly-staged nature of many of the photographs adds an element of theatricality that is present in the creation of the works but rarely expressed in media. In addition to exhibiting Solkær’s photographs, the people at Subliminal Projects had the idea to ask some of his subjects, including Aakash Nihalani, Above, Beau Stanton, Cyrcle, DabsMyla, Dan Witz, Jordan Seiler, Lee Quinones, Logan Hicks, Mark Bode, Rae, Risk, Saber to create collaborative works that reinterpret the original photos. Keep reading for a preview and the complete press release.


The Los Angeles Drawings of Susan Logoreci

U.S.C. (Urban Swarm Contemplated), 4′ x 6′, colored pencil on paper, 2014

U.S.C. (Urban Swarm Contemplated), 4′ x 6′, colored pencil on paper, 2014

Artist Susan Logoreci creates intricate colored-pencil on paper drawings of cities all over the world, but with an emphasis on her home metropolis, Los Angeles. Her combination of detail and abstraction renders the urban environment both inviting and warped. It’s a fitting style for our city, as many would consider L.A. itself to be invitingly warped…

Most of the works featured here are very large, with 4′ x 6′ being a standard size for many of the works. The size translates well to public art– her works form the basis for mosaics that will appear at Metro’s new Expo Line stations in 2016. You can learn more about the artist on her website.


The Photography of Meet Frankie C


We first met Frankie C. when he shared his remarkable photos of Sikhs in Los Angeles with us earlier this year. His low profile and humble approach are rare in the era of social media and self-promotion, but his work speaks for itself. A native Angeleño, Frankie is deeply connected to the people of Los Angeles, and you can see that in his portraits of the city’s residents, and the details he captures on his sojourns around every part of L.A. Please enjoy this selection of his photography along with a Q&A with this emerging local artist.

What’s your favorite taco?
-Cheese tacos from Taqueria El Tapatio in Glendale. Traditionally made with cheese in between 2 small tortillas. I’m hungry thinking of them now.


Recap: Redact Whatever Is Privilege

Redact Whatever Is Privilege-000005900012

Redact Whatever Is Privilege was a one-night only exhibition of comedy and art at The Gibson Space, featuring the art and photography of Lluy Rodrigues, Quam Odunsi & Joshua Wynn Gibson. All photos shot on 35mm film by Reserve Result


Long Beach Zine Fest! ~ Free Event this Sunday

The Long Beach Zine Fest is a one-day free event promoting zines and zine culture and will be the first independent-publishing expo of its kind in the city. The festival will bring together more than 100 writers, designers, cartoonists, photographers, artists, and DIY advocates from Long Beach and
surrounding cities who believe in the power of print as a viable artistic medium in today’s web-centric

L.A. Taco is proud to announce that we’ll have a table at this event thanks to our Events photographer Erwin Recinos who self publishes as “Metro Anonymous“. Make sure you stop by his table and say hello while you browse through our latest publications. Other table’s we’re looking forward to checking out are As Issued, La Chamba Press, Applesauce Industries, Sleep Talk Press, Valerie J. Bower, and Yvette Aispuro. Remember the event is all ages and free from 11am to 5pm this Sunday! 


Preview: Patrick Martinez’ “Forbidden Fruit” ~ opens April 11th


Somewhere in a warehouse East of downtown, Patrick Martinez conjures the soul of Los Angeles and extrudes neon, junk food packaging, weaponry, and other everyday items. His ceramic works include garish objects of (average) desire that have been flipped into something both alluring and repulsive. Supermarket-style fruit becomes almost pornographic, junk food is reimagined into something even more absurd than it already is, and weapons are both glorified and made common.

Martinez has long been fascinated with consumer products, and even staged one of the best installations of recent memory inside a Tapatio market a couple of years ago, where his neon signs created absurdities among what could be considered even more absurd– standard supermarket tableaus of advertising mixed with foodstuffs.

This show seems to take the concept a bit further, as if to say that life is absurd, the things that fascinate us are ridiculous, but they’re also a part of who we are. Martinez shows us that the line between what is considered normal and what is considered outré is just a matter of packaging. A perfect example would be his Honeybear-Old English mashup, which makes you remember that the kid getting breakfast in the morning and the dude on the corner with a 40 in a bag in the evening are the same person. The window to the Los Angeles soul may have bars on it, but it’s lit by neon and what’s inside has no boundaries.

Keep reading for a show preview and for the official press release…