Tony Stamolis is reading our mind. The photographer from Fresno who currently lives in New York is about to release his second book, T&T&A (available at http://sumpbooks.com). It features gorgeous shots of beautiful naked women and beautiful mexican food. What’s the connection? If you have to ask… the taco lifestyle may not be for you. We caught up with Tony late last week to ask him about tacos and more…

Carne Asada, El Patio, Los Angeles, 2009_Margarita, 2009

TACO: You’re from Fresno, where else have you lived? What do you like most/least about each place?

Tony: Phoenix and Miami briefly, but NYC for the last 19 years. Fresno…I like EVERYTHING about Fresno!
NYC… most: the energy. Least: the ever growing Douche bag factor. The mall-world I ran from years ago, followed me here.

TACO: Where is your favorite taco?

Tony: The Carnitas at Don Pepe’s in Fresno. It’s in an old KFC building, across from the old Fresno Ag hardware location. Simple pleasures!

Chorizo, Taqueria La Mexicana, Fresno, 2009_Leila, 2008

TACO: How do you find your models?

Tony: Friends of friends a lot of the time, but mostly I cast on the streets.

TACO: Are you supersititious? if so, how so?

Tony: I definitely believe in karma, so I try do things in this life to spread some sort of joy. I also have an OCD numbers thing. I count things. I’ve gotten a lot better with age though.

Carnitas, Chipotle, NYC, 2009_Julie, 2007

TACO: How did you get into the taco lifestyle?

Tony: I’m from Fresno, it’s a birthright!

Rael, 2009_Pollo, Downtown Bakery, NYC, 2009

TACO: What music are you listening to right now?

Tony: At the moment, Ernest Tubb…

Maria,-2009_Pollo Chipotle, El Indio #2, Torrance, 2009


More on Tony Stamolis at his official website.