Welcome to the Taco Madness 2009 LA Taco Tournament! After weeks of consultations, we’ve seeded the top 16 taco places around town. If you don’t see your favorite, don’t feel bad– next year we’ll expand to 32 places. Spots were chosen for a combination of taste, fame and authenticity.


UPDATE MARCH 20th: 3 polls still open, the rest are closed. Vote now in the last three!! The last poll closes on Sunday, then on to the SABROCHO!!!!!


The first battle is between East side heavyweight King Taco, and a small west side outpost with two locations, Tacomiendo. Vote below!!

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The second battle is between East LA’s famed fish taco kings Tacos Baja Ensenada, and one of the best taco trucks in town, Tacos El Korita. Vote below!!

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The third first round battle is between Highland Park’s outlets La Estrella, and Echo Park’s popular taco wagon, Tacos Zone.

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The fourth first round battle is between Los Feliz’s family owned Yuca’s, and the two location Loteria Grill. Vote below!!

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The fifth first round battle is between Santa Monica’s most popular taco spot Tacos Por Favor, and the wonderful carnitas of Carnitas Michoacan. Vote below!!

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The sixth first round battle pits the King Taco affiliated El Taurino against the Westside’s best-known (and arguably most controversial) taco stand, Tito’s Tacos.

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In the second to last first round battle, we have the spot many have proclaimed the best in the city, East LA’s famed Cinco Puntos going up against the well-known and respected (especially by the city’s late night crews) Cactus Taqueria. Vote Below!

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In the final round battle, we have the internet sensation Korean fusion taco truck Kogi BBQ going up against the one of the top spots in the valley Tacos El Zorro. Vote Below!

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