So it’s come down to this, a battle between two neighborhood favorites– Los Feliz’s Yuca’s and Santa Monica’s Tacos Por Favor. Both family-owned, both with a loyal local clientele who voted for them from the very beginning and powered them through to the end.

Solid choices who probably don’t rank on taco hounds “best of all time” list, but that feed the need, have the right vibe, and have established themselves as neighborhood go-to taco joints with charm and quality eats. There’s been some confusion about this competition from the start– is it a “best taco” tournament? Did some of the best places in town go down too early? Did some not make the list at all? We don’t have all the answers, but it’s best to think of this as a “favorite taco” tournament and not “greatest mind-blowing authentic tacos of all time” tournament.

Have fun and let the favorite taco shop win! Polls close at Midnight on Sunday

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