It’s that time of year again– to pit the city’s favorite taco spots (be they truck, table, shack, or restaurant) against each other in a single elimination tournament to determine LA’d favorite taco.

To eliminate some of the confusion that always occurs with a contest like this, the ultimate winner will be the city’s favorite taco. For some people, the city’s best, most authentic taco will be that taco. For others, it will be a place that evokes childhood memories of comfort and good times. Either way, there is no wrong way to love tacos and since this contest is open to the public, it’s not a critic’s award, it’s a popular favorite.

Last year’s winner, Yucca’s moved from the first round to the Sabrocho, to the Final Four with varying degrees of difficulty, ultimately coming out on top over such competition as King Taco, Tacos Por Favor, and upstart Kogi BBQ.

This year we’ll expand the field to even more spots, so please nominate your favorite by emailing or tweet us at @lataco. Please help us spread the word on your favorite blogs etc. so we can get a lot of nominations and fill up the field with the city’s best and most popular taco spots.