And now, the moment LA’s taco heads have been waiting for since last April… The 4th Annual Taco Madness bracket is here! Also, make sure to add us on Facebook to help spread the word about LA’s original Taco Tournament.

The Winners

In a crazy, unprecedented battle between two of LA’s best and most beloved taco spots, something happened that no one could have predicted– a tie! We checked the votes several times (some sneaked in after the polls closed, only valid votes counted) and after 2 days of back-and-forth battling and almost 1,500 votes, we ended up with an exact tie. Rather than be disappointed that one winner was not crowned, let’s celebrate the fact that LA has so many great tacos, with two favorites!

Congratulations to Mariscos Jalisco and Guisados!!!!!! Viva Taco Madness!!!

Taco Madness 2012 is presented in conjunction with Yelp. Check out the Yelp event page for Taco Madness 2012 which lists all 32 locations in one place.