Achewood by Chris Onstadt Detail

Taco Bell’s Secret Menu
Achewood, one of the best web comics evarrr has the scoop on Taco Bell’s secret menu, which apparently has Patron Anejo and Nachos Galacticos. Sounds like a meal I can get behind. For real though, why don’t more restaurants have secret menus? The In-n-Out secret menu is one of the best marketing tricks out there, long ago I remember telling my friends about Animal Style and they didn’t believe it, once they found out it wasn’t just another one of my lies, it increased their burger consumption by roughly 135%.

Taqueria Chihuahua: New Location, Smaller Menu
Our hombre Bandini has the exclusive scoop on the new location and new menu for Westside fave Taqueria Chihuahua. Personally I never got into this place, it was always OK but never quite good enough to make me a local. It’s definitely a solid option in its new location in Mar Vista.

Atwater Village Taco Stand: Holy Crap
The dudes at Good Goings go nuts for the taco stand in Atwater, saying Holy Crap Balls, Batman. This spot is off the hook. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. GoodGoings is living the taco lifestyle every night it seems, and one of the guys is writing his thesis on taco trucks and their meaning to Los Angeles, or something kind of like that.

The Plot Against Mexican Maiz
I can’t claim to be an expert on tacos, even though I eat them 5 days a week on average. I know my spots in Los Angeles and Baja, but haven’t spent enough time in D.F. or Mexico as a whole to be a true connoisseur. I know even less about the politics behind tacos, corn, and maiz, but this article intrigued me. The central premise is that giant Agro-biz producers are taking advantage of the corn price situation we’ve covered before in order to push genetically-modified corn and gain total control of the market. Very interesting stuff and essential to anyone enjoying the benefits of the taco lifestyle and does not understand the costs.

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