An enterprising group of taco researchers on Reddit have been putting an important question to many celebrities and luminaries around the world: How many tacos can you eat in one sitting? Let’s take a look at some of the responses…


Martha Stewart: I was at a really good Mexican restaurant yesterday, and I ate one whole taco. I was still hungry.


Ozomatli: (Uli) easy 2 dozen!!!! NOTE: we have witnessed this in person.


Matt Walsh, Upright Citizens Brigade: If I pushed myself, I could probably down 8 tacos. Hard shell rules. I like old school American tacos, not too spicy, fake cheese, greasy “ground beef.”


Steve Case, founder of AOL: Well now that is an interesting question! I guess the answer is it depends on how big the tacos are – and also on how good they are. Probably 3-4.


Asher Roth: I mean what kind of tacos are we talking here? Chicken, al pastor, carne asada? Is this lunch or dinner? Time limit?


Max Brooks, author of World War Z: That’s up to my lower intestine.


Patrick Duffy: That’s a very funny question because very early on when I first met my wife, this would be in 1972, she was teaching and I was assisting in a ballet summercamp in the northwest. The entire ballet company lived together in these big houses, and would take turns cooking. One day it was her and my turn to cook, and we cooked tacos. When you are 24 years old you can put away a LOT of food. And they were small tacos, but I could easily down a dozen of them. Nowadays I’m a 2 taco man.

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