It’s always exciting to get an email with an invitation to visit an up and coming taquero, new on the scene and hustling daily, living that taco lifestyle in Los Angeles. LA TACO was recently contacted by La Huesuda Tacos  with a location and time when they would be serving their first-ever menu. And so, Frogtown Brewery in Elysian Valley was my destination last Friday Night. As I parked, I could see the steam and a shadow of someone cooking in front of an open grill.

I was greeted by Denice Mendez and Chef Pablo Vega of La Huesuda Tacos. Denice explains to me that it took almost six months to create the menu they currently serve. Each taco went through a trial and error process in their kitchen to get the flavors just right. As they tell me about the menu, Chef Pablo begins to cook the first taco I will be tasting. While he preps the ingredients, Denice starts on the handmade tortillas for each order. That is our starting point to taste, and talk about, this small operation’s gourmet tacos.

Denice weighs the masa and hand presses each tortilla. Very few taco spots used do this, but as our city has become more selective in its tastes, focus has shifted to quality of all ingredients on the plate. The quality of your tortillas is a key ingredient and should not be overlooked.

This is the La Castilla, a slow braised pork rib in grilled guajillo sauce, homemade bbq sauce, arbol pepper aioli and pineapple. A great twist on a bbq taco that has it’s own unique flavor.

Let me introduce you to El Gud Morning, a chorizo & papas with a sunny side up egg right on top. A highly recommend taco for any time of day. Crack that egg and add some of their home made salsa.

This red and green triumph is called La Tinga, featuring chipotle-steeped shredded chicken, creamy avocado sauce and crispy bacon. You can start with the main part of the taco and end with the bacon, or vice-versa. Either way you will not be disappointed.

Last but not least is El Vegetarian, mushrooms in mexican cilantro pesto, fresh cheese and roasted pumpkin & sesame seeds. This is a must try. The cheese ties all the elements together.

Chef Pablo is adding the avocado cream sauce to the La Tinga taco, a very popular item on the menu.

Keep up with La Huesuda Taco via IG @lahuesudatacos for any of their upcoming pop-ups in and around the Los Angeles area. They will be at Frogtown Brewery on October 22nd and 27th.