Taco Truck Confessions

Above is episode 1… enjoy!

Coming in January 2015, L.A. Taco presents a unique look at Los Angeles via the only truly communal space in our city that is also delicious– the taco truck.

The premise of the taco lifestyle has always been that in such a diverse city, the things that unify us should be celebrated. Our forthcoming video series helps to prove that point by highlighting people from wildly different backgrounds enjoying tacos and telling us true stories about their lives in L.A.

True confessions, political statements, declarations of love, drunken nonsense– we film it all and bring it to you so we can enjoy the real Los Angeles together. Please help us get the series off the ground by watching and sharing this 4 minute preview of the episodes to come…

Trucks Seen in this Preview: Leo’s Taco Truck, Gus’ Lunch Box, Taco Zone, Danny’s Tacos, Tacos Ariza.
Music: El Dusty, DJ Lengua
Produced by L.A. Taco and Omar Lagda


Episode 2:

Episode 3: