Fotos Maras ~ Mexico City

Daniel Hernandez reports from D.F.:

Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz went to document the Maras of El Salvador. An exhibit of her work was up at Centro Cultural del Mexico Contemporaneo in the Centro Historico behind the Templo Santo Domingo until the end of December. We caught it on December 31.

The show featured a series of arresting large-scale portraits of Maras, male and female (some pregnant), highlighting the extreme tattooing that distinguishes soldiers in the multinational gang. Muñoz also shot many Maras in their domestic spaces — which is to say, in prison — offering a look at their visual surroundings: layers of murals on ceilings and walls depicting demons and Satan, clowns, naked women, Death, and tombstones for their departed homies.

Read the rest at Intersections

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Comments (7) to “Fotos Maras ~ Mexico City”

  1. great that you posted. I read intersections yesterday..I will post something about it as well. I wish that I would have seen the exhibition. It is interesting to read all the comments on other blogs and the Times article. On how it is not art and how it is not good tattooing and how to give these murderers the limelight is not right. Oh and how to exhibit them in Mexico City is a disservice to the reputation of Salvadorians. Well whether it does harm or good I’m sure it does both. People will walk away with different things and that is the purpose of art. Negative or positive. I grew up in Pico Union and the Alvarado area in Los Angeles and I knew and know how these gangs are and have family in El Salvador that have told me about the intimidation and awful things that have happened. But also know about parents and police sending these kids back because of deportation or parents sending their kids to shape up in El Salvador…and there you are this explosion of this gang. That might not be the whole reason for this, but it is kids that were thrown away. What does anyone expect…I’m not making excuses it’s just something to think about.

  2. Yeah, it’s very common for people to say documentation is exploitation, but how else do we reflect on complex things than through art and other people’s ability to get close to the things we fear?

    Multi-national is spot-on. I have a photo of an MS-13 tag I took in Sopot, Poland, which is about as far from San Salvador as anyplace.

  3. Awesome. Hands down.

  4. I like your tats there really nice , if any thing there bad ass homie

  5. vaya unos maricas!!!

  6. me al pelas hijo de tu puta madir

  7. pendejos no saven aser nada mas que matarse uno al otro como animales sus caras tatuadas como pinches payasos por mi se pueden morir todos los MS alcabo todos son unas mierdas.