Does Tacos Punta Cabras Make the Best Tacos in Santa Monica?


Tacos Punta Cabras ~ 2311 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica


Short answer– yes. Longer answer– we don’t know, because we haven’t tried every taco in Santa Monica, but this is definitely the most satisfying taco we’ve eaten in a long while in this part of town. Each taco (choice of shrimp , fish, scallop, or tofu) comes on a handmade flour tortilla and is dressed with a really good citrusy cabbage slaw and a blessedly small amount of white sauce. Both the shrimp (above) and fish (below) are fried in a nicely crispy yet light batter, allowing the high quality of seafood to shine through. According to this much longer, better written, and extensive review on GrubStreet LA by TACOer Hadley Tomicki, the cocteles and other menu items are also delicious.

Just as Pooh Bear lived in the 100 Acre wood under the name of Sanders, this tiny restaurant has the sign “Utopia”, presumably the previous tenant. Or perhaps they knew that for fish taco lovers on the West Side, this is as close as it gets? Parking is not easy, but the spot is right next to St. John’s hospital, so next time you’re visiting an aged relative, you’ll know where to grab a delicious bite. Tacos are $3.50 each and of average size.


tacos_punta3  20130211_menu_560x375

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Comments (2) to “Does Tacos Punta Cabras Make the Best Tacos in Santa Monica?”

  1. actually the tortillas are made of corn and another gluten free flour, all done daily by maria. we are making a flour tortilla though coming soon, my Tia Lisa’s recipe.

  2. yes, I tried the cauliflower tostada today. It was an amazing blend of thinly sliced fresh cauliflower mixed with pico de gallo over avocado and lime juice. Fresh, delicious, addictive combination.