José Fever ~ A Photo Essay by Jennifer Jaimes

You know him as Joséxy, José Fever, or just his street art using the motifs of famed singer José José. Now, enter his world through the lens of photographer Jennifer Jaimes, who spent the last few months documenting the artist’s latest creations…


About Jennifer Jaimes:
“With a desire to preserve and carry on the tradition of portrait photography from the streets to the walls above, Jennifer captures the unstoppable images of the Los Angeles Street Artists of our era. Her work as been described as a positive modern approach that is honest and ambitious, but most importantly, bold. Her images aim to inspire and educate using both stylized and raw images that are each one of a kind. Jennifer has been documenting the underbelly of Hollywood for the last 10 years, all the while becoming enchanted with the city’s vibrant street art. Her statement about the art form: Is it vandalism? yes. Is it art? yes. Is it illegal to express words? no. It is UNSTOPPABLE.”

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Comments (20) to “José Fever ~ A Photo Essay by Jennifer Jaimes”

  1. Beautiful Photography, Great Artwork gorgeous scenery.You should both be proud of yourselves since collaborations that work so well are indeed rare. Thank you for sharing your art.

  2. Awesome artwork from Jose Fever plus Jennifer’s awesome photography makes me wanna frame each photo in my studio~

  3. Josexy rocks so hard ♡ ^.^

  4. Fantastic work! Can’t say enough about the art and the photography. There’s a story in every frame. Great collaboration guys.

  5. Great art on both sides. Enjoyed every shot. I have the fever.

  6. This photo essay oozes supremacy on so many levels, let alone the subject of the shoot (street art by Jose Fever)& the final images (photos by Jennifer Jaimes).

    It goes without saying that Jose Fever’s work is just RICH. Abundant with flavorful color schemes, elegant & gritty, sexy & witty, and just RIDICULOUSLY cool. That’s the obvious.

    Then you take in the locations of the pieces shot in this stellar collaboration. Each of the pieces featured come with a backdrop of Los Angeles flavor, in raw form. Latino & hipster culture harmonize all over this marvelous city of ours as it is captured in this photo essay. Jose Fever’s works comand notice and the shots featured ache to be framed.

    Which brings me to these visual morsels shot by Jennifer Jaimes – I’m familiar with Jose Fever’s work & I totally GET IT. I bask in the brilliance of his work & choice of locations respectively – Ms Jaimes undoubtedly gets it as well. She framed both the works AND the backdrops beautifully, quite perfectly, actually. The city scenery is raw, vivid, elegant, gritty & colorful – just like the pieces by being shot. She effectively made the locations extensions of the actual works featured. I suppose that’s the point of a photo shoot, and the point was driven home in a V-8 gas-guzzling beast crashing through the front door.

    Jennifer Jaimes shot a worthy subject showcasing her keen sensibility, successfully capturing art within itself. Her talent is fully demonstrated in this photo essay, and you can see it is tremendous.

    Jose Fever’s works got the framing they command & were elevated to their true glory in this spectacular photo essay. His efforts are shown justly in these pictures.

    Both Ms. Jaimes & Mr. Fever can expect a surge in followers & praise, and in this instant, it is well deserved.


  8. Great work!..really love the contrast and the way she captures the’s great to see someone on the street documenting these public works of art.

  9. Bravo! Bravo! Well done. Truly fantastic collaboration!! Photojeninc killed it. Fev Forfever!

  10. Amazing work, bravo Jose and Jennifer. the vibrancy of the art as complimented by the photos killer contrast, really makes the pieces pop. ¡Viva la revolución!

  11. Honestly, I think this whole effort is trite. Same unoriginal work performed by so many other acclaim artists. Also, the artist’s integrity to produce art is not the only thing here to criticize, but the celebrity the artist chose to represent his/her iconography. Don’t get me wrong, the person chosen for this “project,” Jose Jose, was probably a good singer (not so much my taste), but really what’s the point of all this? To advertise somebody who already has fame? That’s the only logical reason I can come up with, unless of course the person posting these images is just an admirer of his music, or he made a significant impact on the artist’s life, but really Jose Jose? There are so many other better musicians out there and other people that make more of an impact on people’s lives. Jose Jose is not the epitome of humanity, he’s just a Mexican-born singer who produces and sells music. It’s not like he’s out there personally curing cancer or helping the blind see. I just don’t see what the whole ruckus is about. If this whole posturing is about the art, use different icons and even mediums to really appraise your artistic abilities. If it’s about just getting an icon out there and using it as a ruse to obtain attention for mediocre acclaim art; I say you’re doing a fantastic job.

  12. Beautiful work, extremely well executed story from beginning to end. Location and placement of pieces extremely well done, the photography captures it all, bravo Jennifer Jaimes|

  13. Thanks to everyone who took the time to view these photos and also for the comments it’s a wonderful feeling to emotionally connect through art.Thanks to Photojeninc for lifting the veil off my eyes and showing me a deeper side to photography. a special thanks to LATACO we all love LATACO blog!

    @ Michelle Rodriguez: Thank you for your comment it gives me the opportunity to speak a little more about Jose Jose and hopefully answer some of your questions. Yes I am a huge fan of his music and yes he has made an impact on my life and many other people’s life as well. Your comment makes it clear that you don’t know his history and I am sure that if you did you would find out how a lot us relate to his struggles and triumphs.

    He has not personally cured cancer but neither has the Dalai Lama. It’s about touching and inspiring people lives and giving them something to smile, a little hope to move forward to change those negative issues in our lives so that we can function better and contribute more to this world and that’s exactly what he does to a lot of us. His humanitarian efforts are many, a list too long to write here but you can imagine over 4 decades of it. His history of overcoming drug and alcohol abuse and staying clean for more than 20 years and sharing that knowledge so that others can benefit from it. His struggles with music corporations and media that use and abuse young emerging artist and setting the example so that many don’t fall prey. His ability to have lost it all friends, family and money but the will and faith to start over and succeed are a few things that some of us connect to. Some of us also grew up with our parents and grandparents playing Jose Jose music in the background during special events like Christmas, quinceaneras, thanksgiving so it brings back memories of those times. The smell and taste of the food, the laughs and even the memory of a loved one that is no longer with us. Why would I not want bring more attention to such a positive example of a person?

    I have learned as I grow older not to act or comment on things that I don’t understand because ignorance is the root of many evils like discrimination, racism and Hate to name a few. There’s nothing wrong with an opinion but there maybe something wrong with an opinion lacking knowledge. The intelligent thing is to invest a little time and discover the issue maybe not for your own joy of the subject but more so that you can understand others and most importantly reach that point of respect for what others love and appreciate..

  14. The work on both sides is absolutely beautiful! Jennifer has always been one of my favorite photographers!

  15. Love Jose Jose. The artist, who ive seen on thiss site before. The singer I always thought had great style but never liked his music too much LOL!

    Great art. The photos really pop, great colors.

  16. @ JOSE FEVER: Awwww. How cute. You’re protecting your investment and trying to lecture me in a subliminal manner. It’s okay. I understand that some people feel the need to explain themselves to make their efforts feel important, or in this case, you explaining the reasons for choosing Jose Jose as a platform to display your art. However, personally I don’t care if you like Jose Jose and your reasons you chose him to express your “artistic integrity.” The reality is… this whole photo/essay “project” is displayed to extol you as an “artist,” not why you’re a promoter of such an icon. Like I stated in my comment, if you’re just getting an icon out there to use as a ruse to obtain attention for mediocre acclaim art; you’re doing a fantastic job. Also, I didn’t post my comment to antagonize, if that’s what you’re getting at. I’m just being realistic.

  17. @Michelle Rodriguez: You don’t have to like the art or the content of it that’s fine I take no offense. You had some questions as to why Jose Jose and to quote you “what’s the point of all this” So I answered.

    I feel you’re the type of person that likes to have the final word so I’l make this my last comment.

  18. Wow Jenn, these photos rock!!!

    Damn, each one is a mini piece of artwork… I want to frame each one too! :)

  19. Bravo. The city should pay him for making LA more beautiful. It’s not a crime. It’s artistic crime. Also jose Jose is awesome, best singer around!

  20. Jennifer is an amazing Photographer! I don’t think shes ever taken a bad picture!