Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck ~ Los Angeles

Is there anything more Los Angeles then a Korean BBQ Taco Truck that cruises the streets delivering high quality cuisine to the city’s taco lifestyle hubs? We salute the Kogi truck and hope it is the inspiration for many more… Pictures by Tales of an LA Addict. More info including where the truck is going to be at their website.

Short rib and spicy pork tacos

Tofu Taco

Short rib slider

(L to R) Eric Shin (Website Administrator/Photographer), Chef Roy Choi and Co-Founders, Mark and Caroline Manguera

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Comments (46) to “Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck ~ Los Angeles”

  1. the best idea ever! where do they roll?

  2. Yo this looks super dope…

    even doper they have a twitter that keeps you updated on their location.


    ^^ Imagine if all moving taco trucks kept their locations updated via twitter?? They should have their twitter addresses written next to their menu’s, that way I can follow on the ipheezy.

  3. THEY BEAT ME TO IT!!! AHHH! I’ve always said Korean BBQ and Kimchee would be great in taco form… I need to find this truck!!

  4. awesome pictures, thank you for this!!!

  5. So cool and yet so lame!!!….if u think about it..whats the point…i love korean bbq and i love my carne….but them two together is like Pho 2000. Korean Pho?…naw…some things are meant not to be touched…..

  6. SMART SMART SMART. Dang thats thinking out of the BOX!! Its like a digital version of honking your horn. I dont have a twitter account, and I am in OC. but i’d sign up – just cause its an awesome idea. Props to whomever thought of that!


  8. The short rib slider looks awesome!

  9. http://holamun2.com/candy/original/kogi-korean-taco-truck

    this is rad!

  10. Roy Choi is the man! This is what true Southern California culture and LATaco are all about, we share and adapt each other’s cultures as one, just as we merge into one great city from our unique backgrounds and passions.

  11. Today was my first go at the taco truck. I’ve got to say, best taco I’ve ever had! simply amazing!

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  14. roy…Wonderful!!!
    hello. I’m yoojean, Yoonjin’s Friend.
    In the morning, when I read newspaper I saw yiur name. I wonder that.
    I am anxious to know that man is you. and I surf web. Ans I find your Photo.
    Congratulations for your bussiness. Good luck to you.

  15. korean is the new mexican

    bit improved

    but the same

    we’re just immigrants

    making do.

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  17. Oh my god. This looks tasty and brilliant. Please please come to New York! Surely you could have a sister truck out here? You’d have a whole new following on the East Coast.

  18. Mark:

    Congratulations on your success. Can’t wait to give it a try.

    Aaron M. Cohen
    LA Hotel Guest!

  19. It would be nice if you would travel to pomona area daimond bar laverne you need to come this way we are missing out try to expand more more trucks please!!!

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  22. I thought “Roach Coaches” were illegal in LA now?

    But I must say, if I see this one, I WILL pull over and get some yum from them!

    Food from a truck is usually awesome, and this fusion looks so perfect!

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  24. I MUST find this taco truck!

  25. I loved the Kimchi Quesadilla, I had the tofu tacos but I want to try the short rib next..very yummy so far

  26. just had some of the worst and most hyped food ever–the tofu tacos were very plain and can be made at home for a few quarters….the kimchi quesadilla is possibly one of the worst things i’ve eaten in years

  27. hey tell me were you are located I would love to try your taco’s I read about your Kogi truck in the La Times ,I’m dieing to try your food I live in west angles.
    Thank you Helen

  28. Agggh and yet the Koreans do it again, fist they ruined Little tokyo by taking the Japanese flare to LITTLE TOKYO now its Tacos that I grew up when I was a young boy in Mexico….Na I dont want to smell like garlic at the gym PASS

  29. This is an amazing concept … I have to find this truck. In Frisco, where I roll, John’s Deli in downtown serves up a mean Kim Chee Burrito.

  30. hola yo vi su puesto en la tv en conchile y limon pero quiero saber cuando van a venir a el valley de san fernando

  31. I never knew this existed until I went to a party last night and the truck rolled up. As I type this comment, I’m eating a kalbi beef breakfast burrito that I saved from last night which is quite possibly the best burrito I’ve had in my ENTIRE LIFE!


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  34. Wow these are popping up everywhere now. I just had a korean taco in the bay area. Amazingly good and close to kogi style. They also have lots of other fusion tacos you wouldnt beleive. tonys taco truck can be found on twitter and i highly recomend them. Thanks to kogi

  35. were r u guys 2nite?

  36. This rocks! I’m from baja, live in Phoenix and love LA. I love the blog, I love tacos and vitamin t (tacos, tortas, tamales, tequila, tecate) and I think it is great on how tacos, inmigrants, social media are becoming trendy and high tech.

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  39. I tried it, I liked it, so I made a video about it: http://the99centchef.blogspot.com/2009/10/night-day-with-kogi-korean-bbq-taco.html

  40. Props to Kogi for such a successful venture. I’m a big fan of the traditional taco however. My favorite Taco Truck is el Chato on the corner of Olympic and La Brea, best $1 tacos on this side of the border. http://www.elchatotacotruck.com

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  42. The Rosita Kogi Truck had a cockroach at it’s lunch stop last Thursday. It even crawled onto a patrons leg at one point, which he eventually shook it off but not before everyone around him realized it before he did. About 10 minutes later, it wandered back under the truck.

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