My Favorite Taco ~ Chali 2na

Chali 2na

As one of the founders of LA’s best underground hip-hop group, Chali 2na has been a TACO hero for some time now. His distinctive bass flow and lyrical mastery are among the best in all hip hop, so when we caught up with him at the Fonogenic Studios launch party, we had to ask him where he gets his tacos. So, Chali, what’s your favorite taco?

“Oh man, there’s a place I’ve been going to for years and years, I don’t even know what it’s called. It’s in Atwater Village on Glendale Blvd. and is right next door to a Bird shop. That place is great, man, check it out for sure.”

Our crack research team immediately identified the spot as Tacos Villa Corona (3185 Glendale Blvd, Atwater Village), right next door to Pampered Birds. We’ll have a review and some pix of the place ASAP. Thanks, Chali!

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Comments (4) to “My Favorite Taco ~ Chali 2na”

  1. Chali is right! That place is good and inexpensive! We used to eat there after we had our Parrots groomed at Pamered Birds!

  2. Big ups and salaam ulaleikum to my main man CHALI!! Chali you are an inspiration, one love.

  3. Tacos Villa Corona, best breakfast burrito en la ciudad, hands down!

  4. ILOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO CUT HAU CHRISTINO RONALDO LOL!!!!!! NO! BABY!!!!!!!!!! bey bey bey