Rap Quotes project by Jay Shells ~ Los Angeles


The Rap Quotes project by Jay Shells started on the East Coast but invaded LA sometime over the weekend (we think). So far, we’ve caught 6 of these, have you seen some we don’t have here? Post a link in the comments or email your pics to us.







For more street art and graffiti pics visit http://lostangelesstreetart.tumblr.com/ or follow @locoliinda on instragram.

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Comments (3) to “Rap Quotes project by Jay Shells ~ Los Angeles”

  1. SoLo en LOS ANGELES

  2. “I’M SMOKIN’ DOPE IN FRONT OF DOPE ON FAIRFAX, JET LIFE NI&&A, THESE LEAR RAPS” – @smokedza | made by:… http://t.co/WwMyjfcxKc

  3. Should put this one up: “I can’t be a broke nigga, bitter and sour
    Sellin’ CD’s on the corner of Sunset and Gower” -GZA