Tacos Straight Outta Compton

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Our friends at First We Feast are celebrating “LA WEEK”, which you know is going to include lots of tacos. One article which stands out is L.A. Taco contributor Tony Chen’s Rise of the Compton Taco. Chen takes you on a tour of the various taco stands, restaurants, and catering options in Compton that feature what he calls “organic cross-cultural pollination” between the city’s Black business owners and the city’s majority Latino population.

We Need to Do Something About Eric Andre


Eric André is one of the funniest people on television and regularly delights us with his absurd, sometimes straight up insane comedy. His talk show is the last talk show that ever needs to be created as he pretty much demolishes the entire genre. Literally.

10 Essential Seafood Tacos in Baja Chosen by Bill Esparza


Our friends at FirstWeFeast sent over this excellent article on seafood tacos in Baja, which begins thusly:

“It’s a place where a middle-class guy like me can make it rain,” says Bill Esparza, the unofficial spokesman of Baja’s food scene, and the man and mouth behind food blog Street Gourmet LA. Esparza first went to Tijuana in 1988 with college friends “to drink dollar beers, meet San Diego State girls, and eat bacon-wrapped hot dogs at 5am before stumbling back across the border.” Around 2000, he started making regular trips to the area, and he’s been leading culinary tours of Baja for the past 14 years.

FirstWeFeast is based in NYC, but they know who to ask about Baja tacos. The piece runs through 10 locations you’ll need to try in Baja and includes awe-inducing photographs like the one above. Read the full post here.

Taco Truck Confessions Ep. 1 ~ Love Trouble

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We went out looking for stories about Love, and found that it gets complicated… especially if cheating is involved or suspected. Hear the true stories of real Angeleños at the city’s best and most delicious meeting spot– the taco truck. Specifically, Gus’ Lunchbox in Silver Lake.


Here is Our Example of an Authentic Taco Emoji

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.17.51 AM copy

We reported last year that Taco Bell was taking up a cause the Taco Lifestyle has advocated for a few years now– adding a taco emoji. In that same report, we asked that the taco emoji be based on an authentic taco and not the American fast-food version. Some of our friends on Twitter asked us to put up or shut up and show the world what an authentic version might look like.


Interview with RELAX, Co-Author of The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art Volumes 1 and 2


RELAX and WISK are two OG L.A. graffiti artists who collaborated to create what most consider to the be the bible of Los Angeles graffiti history, The History of L.A. Graffiti Art Volume One. Now they have turned to Kickstarter to launch Volume Two, but need your help to make their project a reality. There are only eight days left, so if you’re interested in this kind of art, check it out before it’s too late. We interviewed co-author Robert “RELAX” Reiling via email to find out more about the project and how it all came together.

Favorite taco spots in LA? 

RELAX – Favorite Taco spot is located on York Blvd by Eagle Rock called Azteca Huarache.


Taquero Mucho ~ Valentines Day Cards by Benjie Escobar


The great Benjie Escobar, who previously made our favorite bat-holding “LA TACO” has a new product that is near and dear to us– “Taquero Mucho” Valentine’s cards. Available in his webshop here for $5 and come with a 1″ button. Buy now for the special taquero/a in your life…

Interview with Joe Sola, Who Will Have Car Salesmen Sell His Art at This Weekend’s ALAC

cubes with arrow 2015 oil on canvas 30 x 36 1/8 in inches

cubes with arrow
oil on canvas
30 x 36 1/8 in inches

At this weekend’s Art Los Angeles Contemporary show, artist Joe Sola presents a new work entitled Car salespeople selling my paintings at Art Los Angeles Contemporary. Sola has hired several area car salesmen to sell his art (like the painting at the top of this post), and will pay them a base fee plus commission, just as if they were “on the lot”. TIF SIGFRIDS presents the piece, and has this to say:

For Art Los Angeles Contemporary, TIF SIGFRIDS will be presenting a solo project with gallery artist Joe Sola. Sola, who is well known for his inaugural show at the gallery Portraits: An Exhibition in Tif Sigfrids’ Ear that took place in October of 2013, will be exhibiting a new body of paintings, presented with a twist. In place of dealer Tif Sigfrids, a series of car salesman will be introducing this new body of work to the pubic at ALAC.

When Sigfrids approached the artist about making a solo presentation at the fair, there was only one condition, that she needn’t be present. The gallerist is expecting the birth of her first child shortly before the opening of the fair, but didn’t want that to prevent her from participating. Unbeknownst to Sigfrids, Sola had the idea of asking a car salesman to try and sell his paintings for years and the perfect opportunity was born.

This terrain of introducing outsiders into the often time insular world of fine art is not entirely new to the artist. In a 2006 performance Sola invited male models into a gallery to make art (Male Fashion Models Make Conceptual Art, Atlanta College of Art). In a 2010 performance in London called Talking About My Drawings with Escorts, he hired female escorts to walk through a gallery with him as he explained his drawings to them in front of an audience. Questions of art and the language that’s used to explain it have always been of interest to Sola, but this time he takes it one step further to include the notion of sales.

Sola, who claims to love test-driving new vehicles and talking with sales people, is interested to see how the techniques used to sell a car might transfer into the sale of his paintings under the high-pressure atmosphere of an art fair. For the course of Art Los Angeles Contemporary, a new dealer will work the booth each day, being paid a base salary plus commission.

We love the concept, and reached out to Sola for the following interview…

What’s your favorite taco?
My favorite Taco place is a truck that, at nighttime, is on the corner of Cypress and Division. If you want the name let me know and I’ll find it for you.

How often do you test drive cars?
I test drive a car every month.

7 Flautas You’ll Want to Try at Flautas, Now Open at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza


Jaime Martin Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu, the talented chefs behind what may be LA’s most important Mexican restaurant, La Casita Mexicana in Bell, today debut their fast-casual ode to a traditional Western Mexican dish with Flautas. For an in-depth discussion of the concept, check out this interview with Jaime and Ramiro from last year on Food GPS.


Located in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw food court adjacent to their full-service restaurant Mexicano (which opens next month), Flautas is a quick option with a pretty impressive sounding menu. Keep reading for the full description of some of the 14 different flautas offered…


Taco of the Year 2014: Taco de Carnitas y Cueritos from Carnitas El Momo


When L.A.’s master of emerging cuisine, Bill Esparza, invited us to an early morning chow session in East L.A. along with luminaries in the taco community, we knew something special was going to be on offer. That crisp and clear winter morning we were introduced to a true master of authentic Mexican cooking, Romulo Acosta, whose small kitchen held the traditional massive copper pots used to make carnitas for his two food trailers that had begun feed people across Los Angeles. Growing out of a backyard restaurant into a food truck, Carnitas El Momo had captured Bill’s attention and he immediately proclaimed them the best in the city, and perhaps the nation. Considering how much we and most everyone else in the taco lifestyle loves carnitas, this was an earth-shaking pronouncement.

A visit to the Vermont / Melrose location with a small team of L.A. Taco photographers confirmed that this was the real deal in all aspects, and a clear “best carnitas in L.A.” had been discovered. A few months later, we convinced Carnitas El Momo to make their first food festival appearance at Taco Madness 2014, confidant they could handle the pressure and deliver a top contender for the judge’s choice panel.


The Upcoming Taco Emoji Should be Modeled on an Authentic Taco


For years now we’ve been besieging the unicode foundation, the non-profit group that handles emoji, and asking them to include a taco emoji. Periodically, different emoji proposals would spring up and they would never include a taco. It appears that finally they have woken up to the fact that world wants, nay demands, a taco emoji. What we’ll actually do with this particular emoji, who cares? Not having the taco emoji has made us desperately want the taco emoji.

Now that the taco emoji appears imminent (It was listed in a table of “most popularly requested emoji”, see below), we should perhaps find a new thing to request. So we’ll start with this– to the artists who will create the Apple / Android / etc. emoji, please try to make your taco emoji as authentic as possible. The image above, which is what the Unicode Foundation used in their announcement of all the new possible emoji, is not what we’d like to see.