My Favorite Taco with BIG SLEEPS

LA TACO recently asked BIG SLEEPS about his favorite taco in LA. Here’s what he had to say:
“My fav taco spot is FIESTA MARTIN, 1330 N. La Brea, Inglewood, CA 90302.” Check out some of the artist’s incredible work below before you go.

Interview with Leeor Brown of Pioneering L.A. Record Label Friends of Friends

Leeor Brown is the unassuming, quiet force behind some of the most forward-thinking music released by an L.A. record label in the past ten years. He’s worked with next-level artists like Shlohmo, Salva, Perera Elsewhere, Deru, Groundislava, RL Grime, Daedalus, and Jerome LOL, and keeps thinking of innovative ways to promote, release, and support unique and forward-thinking music and art. We recently sat down with Leeor to discuss the five year anniversary of Friends of Friends, Pusha-T, the city of Los Angeles, the music business, and tacos…

What’s happening in 2014 for Friends of Friends? 

First up is the Jerome LOL EP, it’s amazing. Then in April we’re putting out an EP by a new signing “Different Sleep”, originally from San Diego and now based in Chicago. Super dope, emotive stuff with piano and some vocal work. Very diverse producer I’m really excited about. We’re also releasing the deluxe edition of Perera Elsewhere’s EP “Everlast”. The original came out in October, and this edition will have a new song and an entire album of remixes, including  Prefuse73 and Shlohmo.


Risk and Nathan Ota ~ Our Favorite Taco


RISK and Nathan Ota have an impressive collaborative show up now at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. The show is up until March 8th, so you still have time to stop in and see the new work. In the meantime, please enjoy this preview, but not before we find out the duo’s favorite taco spot in Los Angeles. So, Risk and Nathan Ota, what’s your favorite taco?

Our favorite taco spot is La Reyna taco stand outside the restaurant on the corner of 7th and Mateo. Specifically the stand at night, not the restaurant. Risk also says that when he’s had one too many drinks, nothing beats jack in the Box– 2 tacos for 99 cents :)

Thanks guys! Keep reading for images from the show and its creation, as well as a video interview with RISKY about his latest mural in DTLA.


Interview with Sticky Rick, Godfather of the L.A. Art Sticker Scene

The Godfather of LA’s vibrant sticker art scene is STICKY RICK. Learn more about this behind-the-scenes don in LA’s art world with this exclusive interview by RYO1. He talks about how he got the business off the ground, what projects he’s working on and of course his favorite taco spot.


The Photography of Mark Rubenstein


Mark Rubenstein creates beautiful photographic images of young women in an autobiographical series about youth, beauty, and transition. His work has been widely published, he’s been featured in Juxtapoze, Frank151, and elsewhere, and his fashion photography skills are in high demand worldwide. He lives in Los Angeles, and we recently got the chance to ask him a few questions as well as present a gallery of his work at the end of this interview.

What’s your favorite taco?

My favorite taco spot as of late is El Siete Mares in Silver Lake. I pretty much eat there daily. I spend alot of time in Highland park as well so I also frequent Taquerias El Atacor #11.

What brought you to Los Angeles, and what keeps you here?

I lived in New York for many years, and made the move to LA six years ago. I’ve spent the last decade working behind the scenes in the art world. By the end I felt extremely burnt out and in search of something more. Los Angeles had always been a place that inspired me and most of my friends made the transition to move there before me. I decided it was time to make a dramatic change, I sold everything I had and came to LA with a backpack in hand.


Wayne White ~ My Favorite Taco


Wayne White is from Chattanooga, TN, but has lived in Los Angeles for years. He recently released his first print in quite awhile through 1XRUN “Spark in the Void” (available here, image below). Reached via Twitter, we asked Mr. White what his favorite taco shop is. The answer?

Yuca’s on Hillhurst.

Thank you, Wayne. Your art speaks to us, as the painting above clearly shows. You can see that one in person just a few blocks away from Yuca’s at Fred62 on Vermont.


Video Interview With Legendary Freestyle MC Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL is an all time legend in the world of freestyle hiphop, and has performed in front of millions of people worldwide. On August 5, 2006, Supernatural set a new world record for the longest continuous freestyle rap at the Rock The Bells Festival in San Bernardino, CA. where he rapped for 9 hours and 15minutes. Here he speaks with RYO1 exclusively for L.A. Taco about his life in hip hop, his latest music and of course his favorite taco spot…


Interview with Big Sleeps

FairfaxStudios (10 of 12)

L.A. TACO’s own Erwin Recinos recently had a chance to catch up with Big Sleeps K2S and talked about his travels, the shop he currently stays at on Fairfax and (of course) his favorite taco spot.

You’re transforming this area with your presence. Give us some insight on what you’re doing on Fairfax in your new studio.
It’s more of a private studio, by appointments only. This is my headquarters for tattooing and working on other projects. Currently I have a collection dropping with Famous Stars & Straps this month. Just trying to start the year out strong.

Since it’s 2014 I decided to take down the collab mural in the back of the shop with Defer (click here). What we have going up now is a lil’ bit similar to what we had before but with more hand-styles. I decided to bring in more people to bless the walls for us, like Cale, Axis and of course it wouldn’t be the same without Defer.


DAVID OREILLY ~ My Favorite Taco


David OReilly is an Irish animator, writer, and director based in Los Angeles who is well known for his 3D short films, the “A Glitch is a Glitch” episode on Adventure Time, and his bizarre twitter persona. Recently David launched an avant garde fashion line featuring intensive use of the Comic Sans font. According to Austrian critic Alejandro Bachmann, “At first glance, OReilly’s films appear to be technically botched high-speed morality paintings of the 21st century. But his shortest, graphically demanding works (or his animations in Garth Jennings’ Son of Rambow) are proof that everything is intentional here. There is a clarity and purity, a reduction to the “bare essentials”, which enable OReilly’s oeuvre to gain its characteristic compactness in all matters narrative and emotional: in this crazily condensed cosmos, the new is constantly discovered anew.”

What is your favorite taco spot?
Any one of Taco Bell’s 5,600 family friendly restaurants in America, find out more about Taco Bell by logging on to

Why is there no apostrophe in your name?
Why are there apostrophes anywhere? Theyr’e dumb af


My Favorite Taco ~ FUZI UV-TPK


FUZI, famed graffiti/tattoo master of the ignorant style, is from Paris but has been visiting L.A. for personal, professional, and inspirational reasons for a minute now. On the Professional tip, on December 18th FUZI will be tattooing a handful of lucky people at a special location in the city of Los Angeles. Yeah, ignorant Xmas is real. A couple of spots are still available, email to inquire.

It’s been a busy end of 2013 for FUZI– recent tattoo clients include Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice, Kavinsky and Kevin Lyons; FUZI’s art exhibition, Devoration, opened in Paris on December 5th. So where does FUZI get his inspiration? What does he think of LA? Does he like tacos? Read on…

You’ve been coming to L.A. on the regular for a while now. When did you first come to L.A. and what were your first impressions?
I first visited L.A. to visit Zio. She showed me all sides of L.A.—from eating foie gras cotton candy at the Bazaar to visiting Bukowski’s childhood home in Mid-City to exploring the cement banks of the river in downtown and everything in between. My first impression was that it was huge, sunny, relaxed, and totally different from European cities. It’s such a unique place, and I fell in love with the lifestyle and architecture. I’ve been lucky to be able to visit a lot of times since then, and each time I discover something new.

Who or what in L.A. inspires you?
I am really intrigued by all of the different cultures, particularly cholo style and gang graffiti. I also like DEFER’s style, which is rooted in this culture, but taken to a different level. Estevan Oriol is an inspiration—not only for his photography and style, but for his work ethic. L.A. authors like Bukowski and Bret Easton Ellis have also influenced my work at times. And I’m really inspired by the ambience in downtown L.A.


ATOMIKO ~ My Favorite Taco


What’s your favorite taco spot?
Mariscos 4 Vientos in Boyle Heights.

What brought you to LA from MIA?
My friend Ikon moved from Hialeah to Venice Beach in 06/07.