We recently heard about a beverage called Zumbida and were intrigued to give it a try. As far as we know, no one has successfully created an Aquas Fresca with a kick, so we decided to give it a go and bring a couple cases to our favorite taco trucks, meet up with some friends, and see how Zumbida fits into the taco lifestyle…

First up was Mariscos Jalisco in Boyle Heights. This former Taco Madness champion makes the best shrimp tacos in town (and probably in the United States) so it was an easy choice for a first stop. The sun came out and we gave out some Zumbida (Mango flavor) our friends who met for some day-time tacos and adult beverages. The flavor combo worked… spicy shrimp offset by refreshing Mango, with just enough kick to make it a party.

As day turned to night we headed to South Central for the famed Tire Shop Taqueria. The lively crowd appreciated our energy as we came in ready to eat, drink, and enjoy the evening vibes. Cracking open a few ice-cold Zumbidas set the tone, then we chowed down on the best carne asada tacos in town. Slathered in Tijuana-style avocado salsa, the combination of delicate flavors, charcoal-grilled steak, and mango aquas frescas was the right mix for the night.

Finally it was time for a night cap in the Arts District. Street corner tacos surrounded by the city’s best street art made for a satisfying conclusion to the test. Zumbida turned out to be a good choice for pretty much any taco you pair it with, just add some friends and make sure the tacos are authentic.

All in all, a highly successful outing. Thanks for Zumbida for the product. Want your own? They should be available in your local grocery and liquor store, the full list of locations is on their website: zumbida.com