A Shop Called Quest and Not A Cult publishing are pleased to announce the official release party of TMRWLND: The Secret Stays Unknown – The Art of Dereck Seltzer & Tina St. Claire, an unabridged compendium of zines created by the two Los Angeles artists who not only had a flourishing artistic collaboration but were also partners in life.

This book release will feature signed copies of the book and special edition copies available for purchase, original art on display created by Tina St. Claire & Dereck Seltzer and live screen printing. Event specific items such as t-shirts, tote bags and even the TMRLWND book itself will be screen printed in store opening night only.

The release comes with more than a touch of poignancy in the wake of St. Claire succumbing to cancer last March at the age of 31. A portion of the funds raised by the proceeds will go toward supporting Tina St. Claire’s legacy and raising awareness of the GBM cancer that took her life.