Burt Reynolds’ Custom Wedding Stagecoach is For Sale


“Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” was just one of the songs sung by Jim Nabors in May of 1988 at the wedding of his close personal friends Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson. People Magazine described the nuptials, which included only 65 invited guests and took place at Burt’s 160-acre horse ranch in Jupiter, Florida, thusly:

The reception turned out to be one of Reynolds’ most successful productions in years. The ranch’s 72 foot by 80 foot helicopter hangar was emptied of aircraft and festooned with nearly 100 trees and plants—ficus, ferns and eucalyptus. Each of 12 tables had centerpieces of white dogwood, lilacs and tulips. Gardenia bushes were clustered by the champagne tables, and the three-tiered, heart-shaped wedding cake—yellow layers, white frosting—had a specially constructed gazebo all to itself. Burt requested a repast along “country buffet” lines. Translation: coconut shrimp; baby beef Wellington; Belgian endive with caviar; a seafood bar with raw oysters, crab claws, shrimp and clams; Brie baked in pastry served with kiwi; salmon mousse cake; ham served with mango chutney; corn muffins and biscuits; vegetables; and fresh strawberries with chocolate fondue for dessert.

After the newlyweds arrived at the hangar in a motorized stagecoach, guests went searching for hankies as Burt toasted his bride. “I’m a very lucky man,” he beamed. “I’m surrounded by love and dear friends, and I married my best friend today.” Loni didn’t miss a beat. “I feel like Cinderella,” she returned. “I married Prince Charming.”


Recap: Majestics Car Show 2014 ~ Santa Fe Dam

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Santa Fe Dam hosted the Majestics Car Show 2014 on New Year’s Day in Irwindale, California. Erwin Recinos accompanied Spirit Car Club’s Arizona & Los Angeles chapters to document the journey to the event, which was a special experience in and of itself. Lowriders from Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado come from out of state to participate in this yearly event that is one of the standouts in the lowrider community. Majestics ups the ante every year with both the quality and amount of truly amazing cars on display. Please enjoy these photos from the show and the beautiful drive to get there.


Introducing the Youabian Puma ~ Los Angeles


Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. K. Youabian had a dream- to design a car that is unlike anything ever made before at the very top of the exotic luxury market. That car is the Youabian Puma, pictured above. That picture doesn’t quite show the size of this exotic wild beast, so check out the image from Jason Torchinsky of Jalopnik, who described the car, which costs $1.1m as “terrifying”, below:



FLERT / RYOE AUB ~ Southern California


Photo by the master TRUE2DEATH. You simply must click to see the larger version.

Box Truck ~ East Los Angeles


There’s always so much happening in every corner of the arts world of this bustling, creative city that it makes sense to make plans to attend art openings, events and museums. That said, a lot of the most interesting things going on are those you stumble upon, or find completely by accident. One of the best of those is coming across some live graffiti art. This last Saturday L.A. Taco’s Desilu was able to catch the artists as they brought life to this once dull box truck in a parking lot in East L.A.. Check out the gallery below for more…


Land Of Oz ~ Diamond Bar


Yellow Brick Road ~ Diamond Bar


Flag On Wheels ~ Venice


Venice Blvd. ~ Venice


Recap: Tweedy Mile Greenspans Classic Car Show ~ South Gate

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Some incredible cars were on display in South Gate last weekend, take a look through the lens of photographer Erwin Recinos. To launch the gallery, click on any thumbnail below…


“The World Naked Bike Ride” Returns To Los Angeles

Naked Bikers2

Whether anyone of us really wanted to witness it or not, it was difficult not to applaud the bravado and lack of body shame shown by participants in The World Naked Bike Ride, which wound its way through Los Angeles yesterday. This annual activism tour is not only organized to “put a stop to indecent exposure of people and the planet to pollution” and to bolster support for alternative transportation, but is also that rare cycling event where we caution you to think twice before you compliment a rider’s helmet.


Dennis Hopper by Never ~ Venice


NEVER ~ Venice ~ CA


Cushman ~ East Los Angeles


Cushman ~ East Los Angeles ~ CA