Chakra Fvcker is a new project by Dome of Doom founder Wylie Cable and AHEE (Dome of Doom, Play Me Records, Impossible Records, Lucent Dossier). The pair of beatmakers have worked closely together on many releases, but Chakra Fvcker represents the first fully collaborative project between the two. The tunes straddle multiple genres but ultimately rely on heavy bass married to a unique combinations of sounds, including hand recorded unique sound and samples from AHEE’s personal archive which were used to create wave tables, synths, kicks, snares, pops, clicks and more.

There are plans to release a Sample Pack in conjunction with the EP release as a sort of ‘Open Source’ album, releasing all of the stems, processed drums, samples, soft synths, loops and wave tables used to create the album. You can find Dome of Doom’s label page on Splice here.

Today’s tune of the day, Jaguar King, hits you deep in the unexplored regions of the brain and keeps burrowing deeper and deeper, expanding and exploding as the various sounds and rhythms are revealed. Click the SoundCloud link above for a free download of the track, which the label describes as: Tripping on ayahuasca in the jungle, you stumble upon a hole in space time and decide to cross the threshold.

The artwork is by Albert Albaladejo.