Clue 3 (1 of 1)

UGLARworks (“Abstract Warfare II” mural at LALA Gallery), one of the city’s most impressive mural crews, has teamed up with LATACO to bring you the Secret Mural Contest. Every day until the mural is found we will be releasing one clue to help you spot it. Once you figure out the clues and find the mural, follow the instructions below to win an original painting from the UGLARworks Collective.

1) Follow @lataco and @uglarworks on Instagram.
2) Take a Photo of the Secret Mural.
3) Tag photo with #uglarsecretmuralcontest.

Clue No. 3. This street that starts with H is also a county in Northern California.

*Winner will be announced on site at mural unveiling and party, details coming soon!

Here is a peek of what awaits the winner of this contest.
Title: Heights
Medium: Acrylic on wood panel
Size: 12×24 inches
Artist: Steve Martinez (skull-TOP), Evan Skrederstu (Mountain Scenery-MID ), Chris Brand (girl-BOTTOM)

UGLARworks_MuralPrize (1 of 1)