If you ask Ozomatli’s Ulises Bella to pick a favorite taco spot in LA, get ready for a long answer. Ulises has hit seemingly every spot in town, and is always on the hunt for new locations. In the end, he decided to take LA TACO to his “favorite spot right now”, with an emphasis on right now. Don’t go looking for Ulises at this tacos al vapor spot, which is at the corner of Atlantic and 54th, because he will probably have moved on by the time this goes to press. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of Ulises enjoying mass quantities of lengua, cabeza, sesos, chorizo, and asada tacos. When you’re ready to go visit in person, don’t forget to add some habanero “death sauce” to your tacos– Ulises recommends it.


All photographs by Erwin Recinos.