Southern California is full of aspiring artists making their waves in efforts to break through the masses. Some get lucky and meet the right people and others hustle their way through and make their own opportunities. When we think of this, one artist immediately comes to mind and that’s Valerie J. Bower. Valerie’s work has been breaking through to so many people all over the globe. Her honest and humble approach to photography instantly makes you fall in love with the images and zines she continues to create. We’re proud to call Valerie a photographer, we know she loves and appreciates her craft as she connects and creates with some of the most prominent people in the Los Angeles area.

This coming Saturday July 1st, Valerie will have her first Solo show titled “H O M E  G I R L S” debuting at the Grab Bag Studio in Long Beach. With the help and support from Grab Bag Studio, Valerie will be releasing a new Book, Lapel pin and more. We asked Valerie about her show and she shared this artist statement with us:

H O M E  G I R L S 


Photos of three friends, Canela, Morena and Luna. I initially spoke with Canela to take portraits. That day she brought along her homegirls to shoot also, Morena and Luna, who are sisters. Canela and Luna are both 17, and Morena is 16. We met on a Friday at Roosevelt Park in L.A., right at the Florence Station stop off the Metro Blue Line. All three girls were instantly so beautiful inside and out to me. What was intended to be a straight forward portrait session with the girls, turned into a series with deeper meaning to me. They shared make up, did each others hair, bought ice cream, laughed, and danced to music playing through a bluetooth speaker. I decided to make this series of photos about not only their beauty, but their friendship and connection to each other. I set out to capture this young girlhood.