UPDATE: After 70 bids, the artwork sold for $25,200. In the final twenty minutes of the auction, the price doubled as collectors battled each other to own the picture from the LA Times article.

Alex Shaefer paints pictures of banks… on fire. Last week the LA Times reported that he’d been visited by the LAPD who were concerned that he was some sort of bank-hating anarchist terrorist. The story went viral and now Alex’s painting is for sale on eBay. After a starting bid of $920, the price has been climbing steadily– the piece is currently at $10,100 and there is still about a day left for the price to go even higher as frenzied bidders attempt to snag a small piece of history.

The irony is that now the only people who can afford to buy his work are the same people who looted the financial system in the first place– bankers. Actually, there’s a second work available with a current bid at only $2,750.