Video: Daytime Pasting with Mear One

LA TACO’s Erwin Recinos was recently invited on a daytime wheat pasting run with artist Mear One. Driving through downtown Los Angeles, Mear hit spots in Chinatown and Little Tokyo, pasting some different works, including his “Freedom for Humanity” poster that has now been released by 1XRUN as an exclusive 20 x 27 inch 14-color screen print (click here). Here’s a quote from Mear about his latest release:


The Midnight Moan ~ “What I Need” ~ Compton’s Richland Farms

Blazing NYC band The Midnight Moan just put out their first video.  The song is called “What I Need” and the video was shot in the Richland Farms neighborhood of LA’s own city of Compton. You’ll see a different side of Hub City here, as it captures dramatic horse-dancing and local vaquero culture right here in the center of urban Los Angeles. All backed by a killer track. Check it out and give a listen to their album “Comes in Phases” on iTunes and Spotify if you like what you hear.

The Art of Chaz Bojorquez (Video)

Robert Carpintero of The Chicano Art Project has created another beautiful slideshow, this time featuring the work of Chaz Bojorquez. Enjoy!


A new feature on L.A. Taco, get up close with some of our favorite artists as they show you how they work with pen and paper. First up is ZLA. Shot and edited by Erwin Recinos.

Video Recap: Stuck Up OC 2014

Over the weekend artist NVAZN hosted #StuckUpOC2014, a sticker show and exchange event for all the SoCal sticker heads. From what we understand, this was the first of its kind event in Orange County. The event was such a success that there might another in the works so stay tuned. There has been a drought of such shows in the Los Angeles area and L.A. TACO’s events editor Erwin Recinos was in attendance to bring this video to our readers.

Video Interview With Legendary Freestyle MC Supernatural

SUPERNATURAL is an all time legend in the world of freestyle hiphop, and has performed in front of millions of people worldwide. On August 5, 2006, Supernatural set a new world record for the longest continuous freestyle rap at the Rock The Bells Festival in San Bernardino, CA. where he rapped for 9 hours and 15minutes. Here he speaks with RYO1 exclusively for L.A. Taco about his life in hip hop, his latest music and of course his favorite taco spot…


Drive the Sunset Strip in 1964

The above video dates from 1964 and has nice and clear footage of driving the Sunset Strip at that time. The vintage cars, the billboards, it’s all there for your viewing enjoyment.

Sadly, the video lacks a soundtrack which could also be a plus. What song to listen to while you cruise? Here are the top 20 songs from 1964, unsurprisingly dominated by the Beatles:


Tacología: Mexico Visits California ~ Mariscos Jalisco in East Los Angeles

Earlier this year, our friends from WeAreNotZombies.TV visited Los Angeles to see how our tacos stack up against the motherland. Please enjoy the first edition of WANZ.TV and LA TACO “Tacología” at Mariscos Jalisco in East Los Angeles.

Half Way to Nowhere ~ Birdman Photos

Birdman Photos is back with a short film starring some of the world’s best public artists and shot at an abandoned water park betweeen Los Angeles and Las Vegas. From the video’s description:


Patrick Martinez ~ Visual Artist from Los Angeles by Estevan Oriol

Our favorite art exhibition of the year so far was Patrick Martinez’s “Break Bread” installation in Bell Gardens. Now, take a look inside his studio and how he creates his signature pieces in this video by Estevan Oriol, who describes the video thusly:

I met Patrick back in the days when we both were working with Rime Magazine, Mister Cartoon and I have since then have worked with him on many projects and also with our company S.A. Studios, he did the lay out 2 of my books 1979 for Adidas and L.A. Woman for Drago Publishing as well as designs for Joker Brand and the “Righteous Kill” movie poster campaign, to name a few. Actually there’s too many projects to remember. Basically what i’m trying to say is He’s a bad Mother Fucker at this Art thing. when you have a chance go check him out.

Video: Black Sabbath Live ~ Irvine

August 30. The year of our dark lord 2013. Birmingham’s omnipotent Black Sabbath rocked forth at the arena the elders once knew by the long-forgotten name “Irvine Meadows”. We got lucky and blended in with an old friend on the group’s flight crew, granting access to a bird’s eye view of the band from the side of the stage. Here’s a video of  Ozzy, Geezer, Tony, and touring drummer Tommy Clufetos (one of the most insane, hardest hitters we’ve ever seen) playing their eponymous and evil classic, “Black Sabbath.” Look close and you may see some head-banging from some familiar faces that were there. Like Shep Fairey and Sen Dog, whose group, Cypress Hill, has been known to throw some wicked Sabbath samples into their cuts.