Video of the Day: NxWorries (Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge) “Suede”

One of our favorite beat makers, Knxwledge, who is responsible for more dope beat tapes over the past few years than probably anyone else on earth, has teamed up with the electric talent of singer Anderson.Paak to create NxWorries. We previously told you about this collaboration when the pair released a making-of video, and now the music video for the first single, Suede, directed by Calmatic, has dropped. Lay it up…

More info on the collaboration:

Video of the Day: You Don’t Have To Be Alone by DJ Dodger Stadium

You don’t have to be alone… no matter who you are. Enjoy your weekend!

Video: Big Sleeps x Psycho Realm Signing

Tattoo artist Big Sleeps dropped a new series of t-shirts with Los Angeles based rap group Psycho Realm. L.A. TACO’s own Erwin Recinos was in attendance for the first leg of the release at the Tee Shirt Spot on Pasadena Ave. in Lincoln Heights, and made the video seen above.


L.A. TACO has featured graffiti artist HUFR One and his work in the streets of Los Angeles for close to four years now. This latest video showcases some works by HUFR in the back alleys on Fairfax and under the 6th Street bridge in downtown Los Angeles. Visual artist Matt Genesis pulls back the curtain and gives graffiti fans a glimpse at what drives HUFR’s life and art. With a run of video collaborations with various visual creatives such as AC in CA (Midnight Oil) and Landon Taylor (Obsessed), HUFER’s distinct style has been showcased in creative and interesting ways.

Video of the Day: BEI RU “SWEET TEMPTRESS”

When this video starts, you might imagine you’re about to see a souk in Beirut or Amman. Little clues give it away– you can spot a piñata, the girl’s bandana is by CRYPTIK, and the car is an old Chevy.

The music is by Armenian-American L.A. local Bei Ru (who has performed at Low End Theory), and the video is directed by Postas. Check it out: things get weird and the music is tight.


VBCA ~ A Short Film by Max Kitaev

Anyone who’s spent time in Venice Beach knows the magic of certain foggy days, when everything is wrapped in grey mystery. You walk towards a light you think might be the sun, but it’s a motorcycle headlight and suddenly a kid on a skateboard comes out of nowhere and makes almost crashing into you look like a work of art. In the distance you can see other shapes, but you give up guessing what they are and just enjoy the scene.

Filmmaker Max Kitaev has captured the Venice fog beautifully in his video VBCA. He pairs it with an excerpt from a poem, which we’ll include below as well.

the clouds forming a ceiling that caps a feeling of grey.
greyness at the birth of the day…the sun wanting to play,
wanting so much to play, like a child at a locked gate.
waiting for the moment when the pin is slipped.

from “6am on the beach in Venice” by William F. DeVault

Video Recap: Toy Art Gallery Opening

Shot and edited by Anthony Godinez. Beats by Red Menace.

Also, don’t miss the next Toy Art Gallery Opening, which is this weekend.


Video: ConquerLA Photography Meetup

Last month L.A. TACO’s Erwin Recinos documented a monthly photography meetup brought together through social media by a group called ConquerLA. With just over six thousand followers on Instagram, ConquerLA has built a network of young photographers that are creating on their own terms in Los Angeles. Check out the video and experience what it’s like to walk with a massive pack of shooters, partying in the streets, spinning wool and acting a fool. Check out ConquerLA on social media via Facebook, Twitter and IG to see when their next meetup will happen.

Mr Oizo’s Ham ~ Directed by Eric Wareheim

It’s amazing to think it’s been 6 years since Eric Wareheim’s seminal Dance Floor Dale music video for the song Parisian Goldfish by Flying Lotus on his debut album, Los Angeles. That influential clip introduced many to Wareheim’s music video aesthetic, which has now culminated in “Ham” by Mr. Oizo. While Wareheim has shown off some impressive commercial and music video chops in-between that breakthrough video and his latest, it’s no coincidence that “Ham” is also a track by an artist on Brainfeeder Records. Brainfeeder, despite the deep musicianship they cultivate, has always had a bizarre side that is both avant garde and intentionally obtuse. The latter two, combined with a love of the grotesque, perfectly aligns with Eric Wareheim’s style making the Brainfeeder-Tim marriage so successful.

Both Parisian Goldfish by FlyLo and Ham by Oizo (the original Parisian Goldfish?) have this repetitive quality that is perfect for Wareheim’s over the top satire. Just as Tim and Eric grind a joke into the ground like a cigarette butt, only to have it jump up off the ground and die all over again, both Brainfeeder tracks obsess over a rhythm, only to summarily discard it and allow it to mutate into something else.

Full Cast & Crew:

Video: Daytime Pasting with Mear One

LA TACO’s Erwin Recinos was recently invited on a daytime wheat pasting run with artist Mear One. Driving through downtown Los Angeles, Mear hit spots in Chinatown and Little Tokyo, pasting some different works, including his “Freedom for Humanity” poster that has now been released by 1XRUN as an exclusive 20 x 27 inch 14-color screen print (click here). Here’s a quote from Mear about his latest release:


The Midnight Moan ~ “What I Need” ~ Compton’s Richland Farms

Blazing NYC band The Midnight Moan just put out their first video.  The song is called “What I Need” and the video was shot in the Richland Farms neighborhood of LA’s own city of Compton. You’ll see a different side of Hub City here, as it captures dramatic horse-dancing and local vaquero culture right here in the center of urban Los Angeles. All backed by a killer track. Check it out and give a listen to their album “Comes in Phases” on iTunes and Spotify if you like what you hear.