Taco Flavored Beer is Here, But it’s not Coming to Los Angeles


Our friends up north clued us in to “Taco Hands IPA”, a limited edition beer run with flavors inspired by tacos. Intrigued, we reached out to one of the founders, Connor Casey, to find out more about this ultimate taco-lifestyle combination. We were shocked and saddened to find that the beer is only available in San Francisco. If you’ve tasted this brew, please leave us a comment. If you’re a brewer in Los Angeles working on something similar, please reach out.

What’s the brief history of Cellarmaker Brewing?
Cellarmaker opened on October 8th, 2013. We are a small brewery in San Francisco started by two young beer enthusiasts with a history in the beer industry.

What’s your connection to the LA area?
I grew up in the San Fernando Valley.

What are some of your favorite taco places, and what do you order?
Taqueria Cancun and Taqueria Farralito in the Mission District of San Francisco as well as Nopalito if you want some high end tacos! All of these taquerias have tacos that are out of control delicious. Especially after a night of crushing beers! Both of Nopalito’s restaurants actually have Taco Hands IPA on tap this week!


Business ~ East Los Angeles

making friends

Anheuser-Busch ~ East Los Angeles


TONIGHT: In Defence (MPLS) and more ~ The Down & Out


Tonight! Another fucking great show at The Down & Out!   In Defense / Dogteeth / Out of Tune / Cholos on Acid / Cerote 9pm 21+ $5 Happy Hour all night!  More info here.

Lady Liquor ~ Commerce

Lady Liquor ~ 5310 E. Washington Blvd. ~ Commerce


Eddies JR Liquor Mart ~ Long Beach

Eddies Jr. Liquor ~ PCH ~ Long Beach

Very cool murals here in a classic example of the SoCal liquor store public art. Also good deals on ice cold beer, which they claim is the coldest in town.


The Thirteenth Annual Southern California Trade Tasting or the biggest wine tasting in LA you could ever go to

Once a year a mass of people descend on the Pasadena convention center to get their plonk on in the afternoon. I admit there have been a few years that I’ve attended where I’ve felt downright guilty; drinking like a true child of Dionysus on a random Tuesday afternoon while Joe Public toils away in their cubicle, but sometimes you gotta just let it go and live like you’re a hip hop mogul even if you hadn’t saved hundreds on some third party cell carrier.

And just before you ask and say “hey, how can I go” – bubby, you can’t. You have to be invited as a vendor who sells wine in some form or fashion – I know peeps at 7-11 and the looks you get when sampling $80 culty Napa Valley Cabs while rocking a 7-11 store number on your id badge are indeed, priceless.

Doo Dah Queen Parade Tryouts ~ Pasadena

Doo Dah Queen Parade Tryouts ~ Padasena


Espiau’s ~ Claremont

Espiau’s Restaurante Y Cantina~ 109 Yale Ave. ~ Claremont

Classic little dive bar in Claremont that changes up the signage on the regular.


Wolf’s Liquor ~ Marina Del Ray

Wolf’s Liquor ~ 536 Washington Blvd. ~ Marina Del Rey

The best selection in MDR, plus they sometimes have live music, a rarity in the world of liquor stores. Got to love the “wall of fame” which includes people you’ve mostly never heard of.


LA Homebrewer Wins National Contest; “Zeal Island Pale Ale” on Tap in LA Soon

“During the judging process, the statement was made that there is not a commercial pale ale in the craft beer market that is better than this beer.” Stephen Johnson, New Brew Thursday

Local homebrewer Andrew Bell has won the Bison Brewing / New Brew Thursday competition with a pale ale made from New Zealand hops that wowed the judges with its complexity, taste, and technique. The brew will now be made commercially by Berkeley-based Bison and will be in select LA bars on draft later this year. From BeerNews.org:

“As an organic brewer, hops are the most expensive and least accessible ingredient for us to work with. Only 25% of the hop varietals used in brewing are available certified organic. This is why hop centric beers are the most challenging for us to brew. However, the organic hops coming from New Zealand are quite extraordinary, with many varietals being higher in alpha acids (the bittering component of hops) than many of the trendy American hops. We are really excited to release a beer that showcases the true tropical beauty of New Zealand hops.” – Dan Del Grande, Bison Brewing.

Extremely aromatic from excessive dry-hopping, Bison’s Zeal Island Pale Ale (6% abv) boasts an intensely tropical nose with hints of passion fruit, grapefruit and fresh cut grass. Very light pale malt flavors and virtually no caramel sweetness allow the bright tropical and citrus notes of the hops to shine through on the palate.

“The homebrewed version that Daniel and I chose to win the competition was the hoppiest Pale Ale that I’ve ever tasted. I can’t wait to taste the final product.” – Dr. Bill Sysak, Master Pairings and Expert Drinking. And coming from a man that has tasted over 30,000 beers in his lifetime, this statement should not be taken lightly.

Light-bodied and refreshingly crisp with a dry bitter finish; Bison’s Zeal Island Pale Ale is a perfect everyday sipper on its own, but also pairs well with a variety of foods. Suggested food pairings include: Fried foods, curries, jambalaya, jerk chicken, fresh seafood & shellfish, ceviche, spicy sushi rolls, fresh milk cheeses, South East Asian, Tahitian and Hawaiian cuisine. Recommended glassware: pint glass.

Your Guide to Getting Trashed in the San Gabriel Valley ~ With Tony Chen

The Top 10 best places to get drunk in the SGV, where “Sideways” could never have been shot… by Tony Chen of SinoSoul.com

1) Liang’s Taiwanese Kitchen
227 W Valley Blvd # 128C, San Gabriel

Featured attraction: BOGO $10 Bud/$12 Kirin pitchers all day. Despite the slow slide towards mediocrity caused by rapid expansion, Liang’s red yeast fried pork chop is still one of LA’s most affordable pork plates at $6. To sober up, try the pork-stuffed soy Jalapeno. Unlike a chili relleno, Liang’s uses a Jalapeño pepper to hold soy sauce braised ground pork and it’s better than any chili relleno to come out of the westside (or a Mexican kitchen). The drinking crowd is an odd mix of expats and FOBs, mostly middle age and menopausal obasan and omasans. They’re 1 pitcher away from cirrhosis, so a drunken hot-mess on an SGV bender won’t bother them a bit.

2) Al’s Bar
413 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel

Opens at 7am with darts, juke, poker machines AND lotto. If you’re so broke you can’t afford the drive to Las Vegas just to leave it, come to San Gabriel instead and try your luck. Then again, “Leaving San Gabriel” just doesn’t seem as powerful. If you’re the sort of guy who likes to chase the morning trip to the dry cleaner with a shot of Jack, Al’s is the place for you. It’s so good that a patron will still come back to Al’s to keep the party going even after getting popped for DUI just after leaving the first time. (Linda L., you’re the true American drunken hero.) Image Credit: Googiesque

3) Jurassic Restaurant
15301 Gale Ave, City of Industry

This is one of the 2 themed Taiwanese drinking houses in the SGV. The beer list/pricing is rather lousy; the grub’s only decent if you’re into eating spicy and funky Chinese food. That said, any joint with the proverbial 2-story plastic dinosaur in the middle of the dining room and bilingual hand scripted signs asking you to “please throw up in sink [sic]” is winner’s podium material. Added bonus: it’s right next to oft raided, now deceased Hawaiian Show Girls and only four minutes away from the closest all-nude strip club. Photo credit: seanli626