Our relentless quest to explore the world of tacos has, at last, brought us to Detroit. An old friend of LA-based (but Detroit through and through) hip-hop producer House Shoes, Erica Class is a taco entrepreneur from Detroit who is on a mission to popularize her Detroit style Tacos. What is a Detroit taco? We asked Erica to explain…

So, what exactly is a “detroit taco”?
The Original Detroit Style Taco is a softly-fried corn tortilla filled with 100% ground turkey, chopped lettuce, shredded 6-cheese blend, and tomatoes. The variation that is becoming an undeniable food force on the metro-Detroit event circuit comes with sour cream and choice of hot or mild sauce. I plan to make my own tortillas and salsas very soon! Vegetables are already planted, awaiting the harvest. ^_^

What is the origin of the detroit taco?
The origin of the Taco.. well, My Mother has made Tacos this way my entire life. Turkey is the only ground meat option I eat so it felt natural.

What about the detroit taco is specific to detroit?
The Taco is specific to Detroit many ways both tangible and metaphorical. Raised in southwest Detroit by a Mexican Mother, I am inspired by my Mexican culture. The Taco is a mix between Mexican and familiar. Therefore, represents Detroit Style through my eyes.

How did you get inspired to create the detroit style taco?
My background is in restaurant management and radio. After being laid off 3 times in 6 years in radio I firmly decided I could not leave my life and the life of my future family in someone else’s hands. I didn’t know, not for a second, that it would be Tacos. My friends tried them one day and said I should sell them. I laughed in their faces. I owe them a coke. (:

Do you have any plans to bring the detroit taco to LA?
I have visions to take this Taco extremely far. Nearly every state in the US is curious (thanks to Twitter and word of mouth) including Hawaii! LA has recently brought an infamous Detroit Coney Island to its land, tacos could certainly be next!

Get more information on Detroit Tacos here: http://twodollartacos.blogspot.com