The New York Times reported on the most recent immigration raids around the country. The first raid, in Houston, was at a rag and clothing plant and resulted in the arrest of 160 undocumented workers. On May 12, another raid at a meat packing plant in Postville Iowa, one of the biggest immigration raids im years, resulted in the arrest of 389 workers. “This was not about law enforcement. This was not even about immigration policy,” said Jim Benzoni, a Des Moines immigration lawyer. “This was about publicity. It was a made-for-TV melodrama.”

Whether the raids are justified or not they are still going to continue to get worse as the immigration issue comes to a head during an election year. If people working at plants and/or their bosses broke the law, it’s up to the court system to decide what’s going to happen to them and their families. Chances are we all know someone who may be undocumented and may or may not be working with a false social security number. In either case, they still have some rights and should know what they are as we live in a country bound by laws. The following images are from an email that I received and explains what a person should do if they’re caught up in a raid: