Los Angeles based producer Elusive returns this week with his latest full length entitled Sketches. It is out this Friday (Dec. 8) on Dome of Doom Records. As the title implies, the tunes on the album tend towards the fragmentary, with shard-like beats and loops drifting in an out of 30 tracks of instrumental hip-hop. The veteran of Low End Theory draws from a wide variety of inspirations, from classic jazz to trip-hop to experimental lo-fi music. But everything sounds new, and the vibe is futuristic, not locked into the past.

Elusive has been making music in Los Angeles for two decades, and his latest work might be his best yet. Please enjoy an exclusive premiere of two songs from the full-length, mixed together here by Elusive to give insight into the record. It’s best experienced with headphones so you can catch all the intricacies in the mix.

Sketches will be released Friday, Dec. 8 on Dome of Doom.