Zines have been around for decades thanks to the ever growing DIY movement. Developing ideas and art through a means of self publishing has liberated the minds of so many people. This weekend we hope that you can find yourselves in a position to attend the DIY event ¡¡ Zine Fest International !! in the amazing city of Boyle Heights and El Sereno. Organizers and volunteers have been working around the clock to hammer out all the details in the anticipation of a great turn out.zinfest

Since the event planning was sort of an open invite we’re excited to see this combination of artists and zine makers unite for a day of diy celebration. Vendors and participants on the list include Rich West Koast of Originals Magazine, Tiny Splendor, Elefante Collective, SGV Filmworks, Erwin Recinos, La Liga ZinesApplesauce Industries, Las Fotos Project, Alma Flores aka Chicana Catwomxn, Joaquin Atl Guzman,  and Christian Arias. Luckily staff members Erwin Recinos and Desilu Muñoz will be vending their latest work along with some LA Taco merch!

14803191_1537298412961916_966966272_oFriday night will be an open mixer with live performances from The Vigils, The Bloodhounds, and Lakra along side some of LA’s hottest djs at El Sereno’s East Side Cafe. We heard there may be a few vendors setting up shop for the night. Saturday will be the big day as the zine fest will be held at two locations which are Espacio 1839 and Other Books as both spaces are located within walking distance of each other.

A full detailed schedule can be found on the Zine Fest International Site. 

zinefestintl_daytwo-12-of-30Being apart of the diy/zine community feels more vital now than ever. It’s important that we get to use art as a communication tool and means of self expression. Self publishing has an effect and end product that can be spread all over the world. Art cannot be divided unless we allow it to. We urge our readers to stay active and interested in what’s going on around them. If you can attend the East LA Events going down this Friday and Saturday we can say you will be happy you took our friendly advice.

zinefestintl_daytwo-16-of-30The first installation was a huge success as it took place in Mexicali, MexicoThe majority of people that attended had their minds stimulated as there were photography, zine, screen printing and lithography workshops for all to enjoy. L.A. Taco’s own Erwin Recinos has been heavily involved with the event and was able to attend and document this important night. We’re looking forward to Recino’s full recap which is expected to publish on the respectable Snapshot Galleria blog.